St Albans East End

Volume 1: Outsiders

Mike Neighbour

To be published March 2012

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St Albans' Own East End is an exploration of the eastern districts of the city and how they were developed differently from the north, west and south.

The unique mix of land ownership, the role of brewer Thomas Kinder and his family, and a commercial decision by city councillor, Horace Slade, all enabled a huge swathe of rural land to become, over time, vibrant communities that have contributed much to the economy and culture of St Albans.

The location of the Midland railway promoted nearby commuter housing and generated developments such as the Cavendish estate and the Clarence Park area around what locals have come to know as The Crown.

The triple developments of the Fleet settlement, the Slade building estate, and Earl Spencer's north Fleetville, together with Camp on the south side of the former branch railway, are all fully documented; as are the consequences arising from the sales of Beaumonts farm, Oaklands House and Marshals Wick House. It reaches out still further to rural Smallford, Wilkins Green, Nast Hyde, Tyttenhanger and other hamlets.

The book also takes an inquisitive look at where the families and individuals who made up the early Fleetville and Camp moved from and ponders the reasons for their change of location.


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