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Berkhamsted Castle

1066 to 1495

by Paul Martin Remfry

1st edition 1995,

Dacorum Heritage Trust

2nd edition 1998

Booklet, 21 * 15 cm, 40 pages

There is a web page for Dacorum (which includes Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted, Kings Langley & Tring and a number of villages)



  • Berkhamsted and the Counts of Mortain, 1066 to 1104
  • Berkhamsted and the Chancellors, 1104 to 1155
  • Berkhamsted and Thomas Becket, 1155 to 1164
  • Farmers and Custodians, 1164 to 1191
  • Royal Berkhamsted, 1191 to 1216
  • The Siege of Louis of France, December 1216
  • The Berkhamsted Dispute, 1216 to 1227
  • The Earls of Cornwall, 1227 to 1300
  • The Castle of the Dukes and Queens, 1303 to 1495
  • The Castle
  • The Earthworks: The Motte, The Bailey, The Counterscarp, The Outworks
  • The Masonry: The Keep, The Curtain Wall, The Inner Curtain Wall, The Gatehouses, The West Tower and Associated Buildings, The Additional Towers, The Ancillary Buildings and Finds
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