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The East Herts Archaeological Society

Various Dates from 1968


Hertfordshire had two societies  The St Albans and Hertfordshire Architectural and Archaeological Society was founded in 1845 and started publishing transactions in 1883. The East Herts Archaeological Society was founded in 1898 and started its transactions in 1899. Herts Archaeology succeeds both series of transactions. Most of the articles are detailed reports of archaeological or architectural investigations but some are purely of historical interest,


Volume 1 - 1968

Volume 2 - 1970

Volume 3 - 1973

Volume 4 - 1974-76

Volume 5 - 1977

Volume 6 - 1978

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Volume 1: 1968


The Date of Saint Alban

Excavations in Verulam Hills Field, St Albans, 1963-4

Investigation of a Belgic Occupation Site at Crookhams, Welwyn Garden City

The Ermine Street at Cheshunt, Herts.

Sidelights on Brasses in Herts. Churches, XXXI: Furneaux Pelham

The Peryents of Hertfordshire

Decorated Brick Window Lintels

The Building of St Albans Town Hall, 1829-31

Some Evidence of Two Mesolithic Sites at Bishop's Stortford

A late Bronze Age and Romano-British Site at Thorley Hill

Hertfordshire Drawings of Thomas Fisher

A Romano-British Well at Welwyn



A Neolithic Axe from Redbourn

An Early Vestry at St Stephen's Church, St Albans

A Belgic Ditched Enclosure at Nutfield, Welwyn Garden City

Graffiti at the Old Tannery House, Whitwell

Further Finds of Medieval Pottery from Elstree: with a Survey of Unglazed Thumb-pressed Jugs

Medieval Pottery from High Cross and Potters Green

The Sixteenth-century Cottages, now Raban House, Baldock

The Kentish Family Monument in St Mary Woolnoth

Indents of Lost Brasses in Kimpton Church

A Roman Samian Dish from Ware

Volume 2: 1970


Mesolithic Finds from Hampermill, Watford

Native Pottery from Hampermill, Watford

An Early Iron Age Site at Moles Farm, Thundridge

A Belgic and Roman Site at Brickwall Hill

Investigation of a Belgic Site at Grubs Barn, Welwyn Garden City

A Trial Excavation at Braughing, 1969

The Stane Street at Bishop's Stortford

St Michael's, St Albans, Excavations, 1966

A Roman Tile Kiln at Park Street near St Albans

Berkhamsted Castle: Excavations at the South-East Tower, 1962 and 1967

A Bowstave from Berkhamsted Castle

A Fourteenth-century Tile Pavement at Meesden, Hertfordshire

A Seventeenth-century Pottery Group and Associated Finds from a Well at Potters Bar

The Topographical Notebooks of Edward Steele



A Roman Steelyard from Bishop's Stortford

A Medieval Aisled Barn at St Julian's Farm, St Albans

A Timber-framed Smoke Hood at Barkway

The Village Lock-Up at Barley

 The Identification of the Monument to Lady Dorothy Morrison in Watford Parish Church

Seventeenth-century Road Communication with London

The Church Bells of Hatfield: Some Notes from Contemporary Sources

Hatfield Church: Restoration of some Funeral Hatchments

Volume 3: 1973


Excavations at the Grange Romano-British Cemetery, We1wyn, 1967

Excavations at the Palace and Priory at Kings Langley, 1970

Medieval Window Glass from the Priory, Kings Langley .

Piccotts End: A Probable Medieval Guest House and its Wall Paintings

Medieval Floor-tiles of the "Westminster" Tiler at Bengeo, Hertfordshire

The Town House, Barley

The Restoration of Hertford Castle Gatehouse

A Sixteenth-century Schoolhouse at Alleyne's Grammar School, Stevenage


Notes & Shorter Articles

A Romano-British Intaglio from Verulamium

A Group of Pottery and Glass from 4 Chequer Street, St Albans

A Medieval Pipkin from St Albans

A Water Conduit-head at Wormley

The Nave Roof of the Parish Church of St Mary, Little Hormead

A "Half-Wealden" House in Bishop's Stortford

The Aisled Barn at Parsonage Farm, Abbots Langley

The Medieval Aisled Barns at Kingsbury Manor Farm, St Albans, and Croxley Hall Farm

Hertford: Fifteenth-century Timbers from Parliament Square

Hertford: A Metropolitan Slip-ware Chamber-pot

Canons Maltings, Ware

Volume 4: 1974-76


Northchurch, Boxmoor and Hemel Hempstead Station: the Excavation of three Roman Buildings in the Bulbourne Valley

Excavation of an Iron Age site at Dellfield, Berkhamsted

Roman Pottery from Radlett, 1959

A Base Cruck Hall at Offley

The Medieval Aisled Barn at Parkbury Farm, Radlett: Thirteenth-century Rafters re-used

A Note on the History of Parkbury

A Timber-Framed House in Elstree

The Balls Park Icehouse: a Note on the Icehouses of Hertfordshire


Notes & Shorter Articles

A Prehistoric Brooch from Berkhamsted

A Gold Ring from Verulamium

A Mistaken 'Saxon' Cremation at Hertford

A Timber-Framed House in Boreham Wood

Aston Bury, Aston

Volume 5: 1977


Mesolithic and Neolithic sites at Cuffley, Hertfordshire

The Iron Firedog from Welwyn, Hertfordshire, reconsidered

Excavations and Fieldwork at Braughing 1968-73

A Kiln of the Potter Oastrivs and related Excavations at Little Munden Farm, Bricket Wood

Excavations in Hertford 1973-4

A Late Medieval Timber-framed Building in Watford


Shorter Articles & Notes

An arrowhead of Irish type from Hitchin

Excavations on the line of the Hoddesdon/Ware By-Pass 1972-4

Roman Pottery from Elstree

The Charnock Drawings: a Cache of Eighteenth Century Hertfordshire views in the National Maritime Museum

Volume 6: 1978


Excavations in the City and District of St. Albans 1974-76

Housing and Society in Aldenham

The Drawing of old St. Paul's in Ashwell Church

Excavations in Holywell Hill, St. Albans 1970


Shorter Articles & Notes

The Ballintober Sword from Hitchin.

A Pollen Analysis from Verulamium (St. Michael's 1966)

Romano-British Pottery Rediscovered

An Unusual Roman Brooch from Gadebridge, Hertfordshire

The Olive Harvest-a new intaglio from St. Albans

A fragment of a timber-framed building in Watford

Nelson Cottage, Well End

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