Herts County Records

The Hertfordshire County Council decided, a century ago, to produce a series of printed calendars of the court records for Hertfordshire in its possession. These were printed over the period 1905 to 1957 and cover the following material:

  1. Sessions Rolls 1581-1698
  2. Sessions Rolls 1699-1850
  3. Sessions Rolls 1851-1894
  4. Session Records of the Liberty of St Albans 1770-1840
  5. Session Books 1619-1657
  6. Session Books 1658-1700
  7. Session Books 1701-1752
  8. Session Books 1752-1799
  9. Session Books 1799-1833
  10. Session Books 1834-1843

  ArchiveCDbooks has published volumes I to VIII on CD.
Information from some of these volumes is available on the Genhound web site.

For examples see: Early Mad Houses in St Albans and Harpenden

Gamekeepers on the Gorhambury Estates

Game Certificates in 1786

ASHBY, Ayot St Lawrence, circa 1800 (re Gamekeepers)

ORGAR/ORGER, Much Hadham area, 17th/18th centuries

[See also CD Hertfordshire Quarter Sessions 1588-1619

Calendar of Assize Records

Hertfordshire Indictments - Elizabeth I

Edited J. S. Cockburn, HMSO 1975

Hertfordshire Indictments - James I

Edited J. S. Cockburn, HMSO 1975

Gives summary details of Assize Records held in the National Archives.


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