1881 Census

St Albans Prison Staff

The Hertfordshire County Prison was erected in St Albans in 1866 and a search of the 1881 CD using the Resource File Viewer 3.02 and search parameters "albans and prison or warder" helped identify the following people:

John DEAYTON, "Her Majesty's Prison" Grimston Rd, Governor Of H. M. Prison St Albans

Thos. HESTER, Lattimore Road, Chief Warder Herts Gaol (Prison Off)

Thos. COMPTON, Alexandra Road, Prison Warder

John PENNELL, Alexandra Road, Prison Warder

Jas. LOVOCK, Alma Rd, Prison Warder

Geo. LONGLEY, Inkerman Rd, Artizan Warder Cy Prison (Prison Officer)

Maria JEFFREYS, "Her Majesty's Prison" Grimston Rd, Asst Warder

Wm. CHAMBERS, "Her Majesty's Prison" Grimston Rd, Clerk Prison

Patrick CONNOR, Bedford Rd, Prison Watchman

William WEATHERLEY, London Road, Gaol Warder - Unemployed (Prison)


Also living at "Her Majesty's Prison" Grimston Rd, was Saml. SAUNDERS, Cook & Baker, and Annie GRAHAM, Matron, plus some domestic servants - and of course, the prisoners.

Note: HALS runs an online teaching data base which includes a transcript of the people in St Albans Prison in 1891.

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