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Hemel Hempstead

H. Montague Draper started a preparatory school at Hillside, in Heath Lane in 1872. He moved to the purpose built Lockers Park in 1874, which was designed by the architect Sidney Scott.

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Lockers Park, Hemel Hempstead


The Chapel

The Gymnasium

Published by Lofthouse, Crosbie & Co., Hampton, Middx

Dining Room


The School

Swimming Bath

Photographed and Published by Lofthouse, Crosbie & Co., Hampton, Middx

The Library

 P. A. Buchanan & Co Ltd.

Chiswick, London. E.

(No 3999)

Published circa 1909


Compare this with the later picture, below. While much is unchanged the large gas? lights have been replaced with electric lights and a doorway has been added in the far corner of the room.


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Prospectus -1915


Railway Station, - Boxmoor (L. N W. R.)


Formerly of University College, Oxford:

for eleven years Assistant-Master at Wellington College.

Prepares Boys between the ages of 8 and 14 for the Public Schools.

MR. CHRISTOPHERSON, has the assistance of a staff of seven resident Masters. Mr. W. H. Macintosh, M.A. acts as Vice-Principal.

Mrs. CHRISTOPHERSON, in attending to the health of the Boys, has the assistance of a trained Lady Nurse.

The House, healthily situated on a gravel and chalk soil, was built expressly for a Preparatory School.

Boxmoor Station, which is less than an hour's journey from Euston, is rather over a mile from the School.

The whole of the drainage system and sanitary arrangements have been modelled on the latest approved principles by a firm of London contractors under the supervision of the London Sanitary Protection Association, and are annually inspected.


The Buildings include a School Chapel, Library, Swimming Bath, Gymnasium, and Squash Racquet Court.

A term's notice is required before removing a boy from the School.

Terms: 50 guineas a term.

This Fee is payable in advance.

A guinea a term is charged for the doctor, and there is a Subscription of a guinea a term to cover all Games, Library Books, and School Lectures.

The following are optional subjects :-

    Violin 4:4:0   a term.
    Piano 3:3:0       "
      Boxing 1:1:0       "
    Carpentering 1:1:0   (Materials included.)
    Dancing 2:2:0   (September term only.)


Postal Address: Hemel Hempstead.

Parcels: Boxmoor.

Telephone: 12 Boxmoor.

The above prospectus was sent with a handwritten letter addressed "Dear Sir" on August 6, 1915 "...Most of my boys join the school immediately before or immediately after their 9th birthday, so your boy would, I  expect, be starting school in 1919. I have vacancies ??? in the Jan and Sept terms but I am afraid my list for the May term is already full." A second letter on November 27 arranges a visit and suggests "I hope ... you will stop and have lunch in the boys dining room."  and reports "I send a few boys to Harrow. I think there are three in the school at the present time." A third letter, this time typewritten and addressed to "Dear Mr Collier" is dated December 2nd 1915 and records "I am very glad to enter your boy for September 1919."

See Soldiers entertained at Apsley Mills by masters and friends of Lockers Park School

Charles Campbell Ridgeway was a pupil in 1915

The Library  (No. 46519) Published 1930s?


Drawing Room
(No. 46521)


P. A. Buchanan & Co Ltd. Queenswood Avenue, Thornton Heath, Surrey


  Lockers Park School, Hemel Hempstead - by Buchanan

The Hall, Lockers Park, Hemel Hempstead - Buchanan 46520 Posted 1942

Card sent to Miss P. G. Coles, St Felix School, Hinton House, Hinton St George, Somerset, by Bob. Bob (her brother?)  is clearly a pupil at Lockers Park School and describes an incident at the swimming bath where some towels were stolen.

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