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Herts Advertiser

5th January, 1889

On Friday evening in last week the hon. Secs. of the School of Music (Miss R White and Miss M Toulmin) invited the committee and students of the School to an "at home" at the Library. The entrance hall, staircase and the various rooms were prettily decorated. Plants for the purpose were lent by Mrs Woollam, Mrs Hopkinson, Miss E Debenham, and Mr Horace Slade. The rooms were decorated by Miss White, Miss Mary Toulmin, and Miss Gape. Mr A Rowden kindly lent and arranged the flags and Chinese lanterns. There was a large attendance of the local gentry, the following being a list of the ladies and gentlemen who had accepted the invitation:

Mr & Mrs M Adams, Mr Adey, Mrs & Miss Aldridge, Mr G Annesley, Miss Anscombe & friend, Mr & Mrs Ashdown, Mr F C Atkinson, Miss Barnes, Mr G C Barnes, Mr & Mrs Leslie Bates, Mr & Mrs Beal, Master Bell, Mr A H Blake, Rev T T Blockley, Misses Boddy, Dr & Mrs Boys, Mr & Miss Brabant, Mr R W Brabant, Mr & Mrs Flint Clarkson, Miss Collinge, Mrs & Miss Crick, Rev P & Mrs Deedes, Miss L Dickinson, General Elliott, Mr & Mrs Fisk, Mr W Fisk, Rev H & Miss Fowler, Mr Gaffe, Mr, Mrs & Miss Gamlen, Miss Gape, Mr A E Gibbs, Mr Councillor & Mrs Gibbs (Mayor), Mrs & Miss Gibson, Mr & Miss Glover, Mrs & the Misses Gotto, Mrs Grant, Lord & Lady Grimston, Mr C B Harris, Mr Haynes, Miss Hemmings, Mrs & the Misses Hill, Mr & Mrs Hine, Mr & Mrs Hopkinson, Mrs Howard, Mr & Mrs Jennings, Miss Kent, Miss G Kent, Mr & Mrs T Kent, Mrs & Miss Kirkby, Archdeacon & Mrs Lawrance, Misses Legg, Miss Mabel Lipscomb, Mrs & Miss Lipscomb, Mrs & Miss Low, Mr & Mrs W Lowe, Mr & Mrs Macquoid, Mr & Miss Makins, Mr & Mrs George Marten, Mr & Mrs W E Martin, Mrs Masters, Mrs & Miss Miskin, Mr & Mrs Mowat, Dr & Mrs Murray, Mr, Mrs & Miss Myers, Mr Norris, Mr & Mrs T Oakley, Mr & Mrs T Page, Mrs & the Misses Phillips, Misses Pitman, Mr R T Kent, Mr Rivers, Miss Rose, Mr A Rowden, Mr & Mrs S Rumball, Miss L Scott, Mr & Mrs E Scott, Mr E Seymour, Mr & Mrs Sharp, Mr & Miss Silvester, Miss A F Smith & friend, Mr & Miss Spackman, Miss Tarbolton, Mrs Timpson, Mrs & Miss Mary Toulmin, Mr & Mrs Turpin, Mr & Mrs Webster, Mr Monckton White, Mrs & Miss White (Frogmore), Mrs White (Redbourn), Mr & Mrs Wix & friend, Mr & Mrs Woollam.

Collection of musical items lent by Mr J Hopkinson, Mr George Gaffe, Mr F C Atkinson, Mrs Algernon Masters, Mr Gaffe, Miss C Makins, Mr G H Makins, Miss Mary Toulmin

Music performed by Miss G Kent, Mr A H Blake, Miss May Tarbolton, Miss Crick, Mr Atkinson, Master W H Bell. Refreshment by Mr Addington of the Coffee Tavern.