The Maps of Hertfordshire

The Road to Kings Lynn

John Ogilby, 1719


This is an example of part of an early strip map detailing the journey from London to Kings Lynn, in Norfolk. with the mileage from London being marked off along the route.

Barley Chisal (Great Chishill)
enter Essex
to Roiston (Royston) Barkway
an Old Chappel
Withial (Wyddial)   Anstye (Anstey)
Binghams House  
to Buntingford   Hormead magna (Great Hormead)
Hare Street
  Hormead parva

(Little Hormead)

a village (Dassles)
a village (Hay Street)
to Buntingford  
Broughton (Braughing)  
Hamels House Fore Brig (over River Rib)
to York   Standon

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