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The National Library of Australia includes an online database of Australian Newspapers which can easily be search an and initial search showed that it contains many news stories with Hertfordshire connections.  The PapersPast New Zealand site provides similar facilities to search New Zealand stories. Some relate to people who are recorded as coming from Hertfordshire - while others give details of newsworthy stories from the home country. These are usually exceptional - such as a major event such as a serious railway accident - or unusual - such as the death of the World's shortest man.

Selected Stories

Friday morning (May 7), a man of the name of Wyms, or Wemys, a miller, was taken up near Puckeridge, in Hertfordshire, on suspicion of murdering his wife, Mary Wyms. It appears that the accused had quitted London, in the vicinity of which he worked, under a pretence of bringing his wife to town from Godmanchester, of which place both she and he were natives ...

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, 30 October 1819


A brutal battle was fought at No Mans Land, in Hertfordshire in June, between Simon Bryne, the champion of Ireland and Deaf Byrne, the pugilist, which lasted three hours and six minutes, which Byrne, after being carried from the ground to the nearest public house, survived only a few hours. The poor man has left a wife and 4 children destitute in Dublin. The coroner's jury very properly brought in a verdict of manslaughter against the principals, seconds, umpires, referees, and the whole set. The consternation of the fancy as it is called, at this verdict, was excessive.

The Hobart Town Courier, 4th October 1833

Other Stories Noted

William Weatherhead of Hemel Hempstead missing in Australian Gold Rush

Sydney Morning Herald, 1857

Tragic Scene in Parish Church

Marlborough Express (NZ)  30 October, 1909

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