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This association will be of interest to many visitors to this web site because it is the publisher of :

Herts Past & Present


Published by the Hertfordshire Association for Local History with assistance from HALS.  

This is a regular publication appearing, twice a year, which contains well written articles relating to the history of Hertfordshire and the people who lived here. Articles often contain extensive lists of references and these can often suggest sources for researching your own ancestors. Members of the Hertfordshire Association for Local History receive a copy of each issue of Herts Past & Present on publication.

In addition to the main articles there is an editorial, a basic guide on some source of relevance to those researching Hertfordshire History, and book reviews. The latest issues have a section giving details of future events, major developments at HALS, and news of Hertfordshire museums.

The Basic Guides to Sources are

Tithe Maps and Apportionments Spring  2009 (1)
Parish Registers Autumn 2003 (2)
Accounts of the Overseers of the Poor Spring 2004 (3)
Settlement Certificates and Removal Orders Autumn 2004 (4)
Lay Subsidy Lists Spring 2005 (5)
Militia Lists Autumn 2005 (6)
Chantry Certificates Spring 2006 (7)
Hearth Tax Autumn 2006 (8)
Wills Spring 2007 (9)
Property Deeds Autumn 2007 (10)
Census Records Spring 2008 (11)
Probate Inventories Autumn 2008 (12)
Trade Directories Spring 2009 (13)
Bastardy Records Autumn 2009 (14)
Churchwardens' Accounts Spring 2010 (15)
Apprenticeship Indentures Autumn 2010 (16)
Heath Tax Returns Spring 2011 (17)
Feet of Fines Autumn 2011 (18)
Newspapers Spring 2012 (19)
Enclosure Maps & Awards Autumn 2012 (20)

HALS has also published Community Life in Hertfordshire - 2000

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