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Spring 2009 - No 13


Herts Past and Present Issue 13


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Ayot St Lawrence, Barkway, Berkhamsted, Dane End, Green End, Hemel Hempstead, Hoddesdon, Hitchin, Kings Langley, Kings Walden, Little Munden, Norton, Royston, St Albans, Sawbridgeworth, Ware, Watford, Watton-at-Stone



Brief Guide to Sources: Trade Directories - by David Short


Hertfordshire Children and the First World War - by David Parker


We are pleased to print this shortened version of David Parker s presentation to the November symposium. His book on the subject, Hertfordshire Children in War and Peace, 1914-1939 (2007) offers a fuller account of the effects on elementary school policy of two world wars.

War - an excuse to cut costs

A shortage of teachers

Schools requisitioned for school use

Exciting but dangerous

Air raids on Hertfordshire Towns

Schoolboys replace enlisted workers

Hertfordshire  school absences the highest in the country

Supporting the troops

Fanning the flames of patriotism

Blackberries by the ton

Potatoes for playgrounds; planting, not playing

How war changed the elementary school curriculum


Paul Victor Edison Mauger, FRIBA (1896-1962): Quaker Architect at Welwyn Garden City - by Oliver Bradbury


Paul Mauger (surname pronounced in a French manner) was born on 7 January 1896. A Quaker, he at/ended the Friends' School at Saffron Walden, Essex and during World War One worked with the French Red Cross assisting refugees. As a conscientious objector he joined the Friends' Ambulance Service, and in later years was a member of CND.

Six decades of practice

119 Handside Lane

Pentley Park

A list of Mauger's known work at Welwyn Garden City


Arthur Sebright, a Victorian ne'er-do-well: The story of a Flamstead Younger Son - by Arthur Addington


An older man's infatuation with a teenage girl, bankruptcy, scandal, a threatened shooting and a ring thrown at the groom on the wedding day ... this story has it all ... 'Plus ša change', one might say. The formal entry for Arthur Sebright in one genealogical website gives the following information. 'Arthur Edward Saunders Sebright, born on 30 March 1859, was the son of Sir Thomas Gage Saunders Sebright 8th Bt. and Olivia Henry. He married first Emily Eva Bowen, daughter of John Bowen, in 1889, and second Alice Marion Luke in 1922. He died on 22 August 1933 at age 74.' What it fails to mention is the scandalous affair described below, proving that one never gets the full picture from just one source. Here we have a different sort of hidden history.

Man about town

1885, a year of marriage and divorce

The young heiress duped into signing bills

Forced into marriage

Threats, worry and distress

The Verdict goes against Sebright

Later marriages



More Hidden Histories: New Evidence relating to Hertfordshire and the Slave Trade - by Jill Barber


This article looks at further research into Hertfordshire's links with the slave trade and its abolition, including the discovery of previously unknown documents relating to its slave-owning past, and a very different interpretation of a source in the county's archives.

In my previous article I stated that little evidence had been found for the direct involvement of Hertfordshire people in the slave trade itself. It is now clear that Hertfordshire people did play a key part in the capture and enslavement of people on the west coast of Africa, and in transporting them across the Atlantic to be sold into plantation slavery. ...

Maurice Thompson, of Watton-at-Stone, and the Guinea Company

Sir Lyonel Lyde, of Ayot St Lawrence, and the Merchant Venturers

Thomas Wilshere's Account Book, Hitchin, 1789 [Not what it seems ...]

John Mills, of Nevis, and Hitchin Grammar School

Mrs Sarah Radcliffe, of Hitchin Priory, and Barbados

The Chaunceys of Dane End and Green End, Little Munden

The Lucas family of Hitchin and Susannah Watts

Eliza Condor, of Watford, and the World Anti-Slavery Convention, 1840


Also editorial, news items, dates for the diary, and book reviews