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Spring 2010 - No 15



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Samuel Backler, Robert Bland, Thomas Foxwell Boxton, Earls of Bridgewater, John Robert Cocks, Henry Colbron, Earl Cowper, Lord Dacre, George Dawson, Thomas Edwards, John Goffage, Hadlsey Gosselin, Kenneth Murchison, Revd William Mugatroyd, Samuel J Neale, Gilbert Negus, Edward Oram, Alfred G Page, William Peacock, John Thomas, Thomas C Usher, Earls of Verulam, Sir John Wittewronge


  Brief Guide to Sources: Churchwardens Accounts - by David Short
  The Hertford Primrose League in 1901 - by Philip Sheail

The late nineteenth century saw the creation of numerous political associations, of which the most successful was the Primrose League. Both the Liberal and Conservative Parties saw these associations as the prime means for drawing members of the middle and working classes into the political life of the nation and thereby securing their votes. This article looks at the Hertford branch (known as the 'Habitation') of the Primrose League in 1901 and seeks to show how this aim was put into effect by examining the social background of its officers and Executive Council.

Wooing the urban middle class

Badgesm titles and tea parties

Other political organisations in Hertford

Hertford's Primrose League Habitation AGM in 1901

The Officers

Miss Erica Mildred Robertson, Dame President

Women on the Executive Council

Members' other activities

Continuity one year on

  Merchant Taylors School at Ashwell, 1669-2001: The good, the bad and the absent - by David Short

Here is an edited version of one of the talks we were treated to at the recent HALH symposium. David takes us through more than three hundred and more years of education in Ashwell tracing the struggles of several schoolmasters to make a living in the role. It is a fascinating account of tensions between school-masters and local clergy, complaints of neglect, beatings - even a whiff of corruption. One intriguing unanswered question is, what made a seventeenth-century London scrivener think of founding and endowing a charity school in Ashwell?

The death of a scrivener and his interesting bequest

Robert Bland, 1669-78 and Thomas Edwards, 1678-83

Samule Backler, schoolmaster and vicar, 1683-1718

Gilbert Negus, 1740-1 and George Dawson 1741-3

Revd William Murgatroyd, 1780-1800

William Peacock, 1799-1826

John Thomas, 1826-1862

John Goffage, 1862-1876

Committal of the Ashwell Assistant Overseer

Geoff Whitby introduces secondary co-education - with animals, 1932

The later twentieth-century story

  The Landed Gentry - by Lionel Munby

Hertfordshire University Press having appreciated the importance of the work done by Lionel Munby asked at a Hertfordshire Publications meeting if unpublished material survived that might be incorporated in a volume paying tribute to his work. Diana Munby was approached and she has passed to HALH a number folders of Lionel s lecture notes and the manuscript of an unpublished book. Much work will need to be done before such a volume will see the light of day and your editors felt you might appreciate the inclusion in this journal of his lecture notes on the subject of the landed gentry.

The lasting influence of the landed gentry


Newcomers in Hertfordshire

Brewing  -  Bankers  -  Grocers  -  The Law

Acceptance in County Society

Decline and Fall

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