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Spring 2011 - No 17



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George Churchill, Sir John Cotton, John Ellis, John Gape, Samuel Grimston, Admiral Lord Halifax, Henry Killigrew, Lucy Killigrew, Duke of Marlborough, Ralph Radcliffe, John Selioke, John Tombes

Amersterdam, Hitchin, London, Russia, St Albans, Stockbridge, Stockholm, Turkey



Brief Guide to Sources: Hearth Tax Returns - by David Short


The grain crisis of the 1630s and malting in Hertfordshire - by Alan Thomson


This article is largely based on1 reports in The National Archives which were sent by Hertfordshire Magistrates to the Privy Council in London following a grain shortage after bad harvests. The government of Charles I tried to set up a limited corporation of richer malt-makers to restrict malt-making which the magistrates resisted.

Bread, ale, barley and beer

The influence of London

Poor harvests and the Book of Orders

Grain prices in Hertfordshire

Effects on the malting industry

Brewing in the seventeenth century

The suppression of alehouses

How the malting industry operated in Hertfordshire

Social consequences of suppressing malting

Impact of poverty, unemployment, ship money and the plague

Poverty, vagabondage and poor relief


The Radcliffes in the Levant: An examination of the Delm-Radcliffe Business Papers ( 1706-1767) - by David Warden


Some points of interest emerging from an examination of the Delme-Radcliffe Business Papers (1706-1767) held at Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies (HALS). This collection was recently purchased from its owner by HALS after a prolonged fund-raising campaign. For the last year David has been looking through the papers in order to re-package them and has drawn up extensive notes on their physical condition so that priority can be given to their conservation.

The Early Years

The Delm-Radcliffe business papers

The London Merchant Community

The Business

Goods Shipped

Business challenges



The end ot eh trading venture


Admiral Henry Killigrew - Politics, Marriage and Family Life - by Gerard McSweeney


A previous paper described the naval career of Admiral Henry Killigrew, summarised in the first section here. It is followed by his retirement to St Albans, with its political intrigues. The final part draws on his letters and those of his wife before and after marriage, providing a sketch of contemporary life.

Retirement to St Albans

Henry and the political scene

The letters

Lucy Jervoise before marriage

Lucy and Henry's letters after marriage


Hertfordshire Rail Excursions in the Nineteenth Century - by Nigel Agar


Histories of Victorian England sometimes give the impression that the mass of the population did nothing but work and most of them never left their home towns or villages. Examination of the local press goes some way to contradict this. After the mid-century, the railways encouraged affordable tourism. One way of doing this was to advertise cheap excursions. The landlocked Great Northern Railway (GNR) with its main north-south line going through Hertfordshire from Hitchin to Barnet was particularly keen to lay on excursions. If we take the important junction of Hitchin with its branches to Cambridge and, via the Midland Railway to Bedford and Leicester, we find a regular series of advertised day excursions and some longer trips out as far as Edinburgh, Scarborough and even Dublin.


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