Threatening and Abusive Language in St Albans

From the Herts Advertiser, 19th March 1864


Present: H. Parsons, Esq. Mayor; T. Kinder, Esq; and W H Evans, Esq.


Charley Gazeley, of St Albans, who had been apprehended on a warrant, was charged with using threatening language towards Martha Frazer, on the 15th inst,, whereby her life was in danger.

Mrs. Frazer, wife of John Frazer, who had been away for some time, said: for the last nine months I have been living with defendant, but left him a week ago, in consequence of his treatment, and went into a lodging in Queen Street. On Friday night last he came into where I was living and asked me to go out for a walk and said that if I did not he would cut my throat.  On Saturday morning I met him and he said unless I would live with him he would poison himself. He offered me three-pence to fetch some poison but I refused. On Sunday night last he came and asked me to go out with him but I refused and he said he would poison himself. A person came over from the Unicorn public house and said he had taken poison. On Tuesday night last he came to my lodgings and asked me to come out for a walk for ten minutes or a quarter of an hour, but I refused. He then said "you will know the consequences." I said "you can do what you like." He said "I will take care that you don't go into the house of the room any more - I will do for you and myself too." He then shut the door and went away. I am really afraid he will do me some bodily injury unless he is bound over to keep the peace.

By the prisoner: You did threaten to cut my throat. I went for a walk with you on Saturday night.

Mrs. Ann Norwood said she was present on the previous evening, and what complainant had said was quite true.

Defendant said he would promise not to interfere with complainant again if his own bond was taken. His brother was a plait buyer and would be bound for him on Saturday. Complainant said she was not satisfied with this .

Ultimately the case was adjourned until Saturday, defendant being liberated until then upon his own bond, he promising not to go near the complainant.


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Mrs. Susan Brewer was charged under the bye laws with using abusive language towards Mr. Samuel Tebboth, on the 14th inst.

Complainant said - on Monday evening last he returned home to his house in Temperance-street, between seven and eight o'clock, when the defendant followed him, swearing and using most abusive language towards him, which we are quite unable to repeat.

Mr. Daniel Lawrence corroborated the last witness.

The defendant, who was evidently the worse for drink, was much excited and used very unbecoming language towards the magistrates. She called her daughter, Mrs. J. Bates, as a witness, but her testimony did not tend to throw much light upon the subject.

The Bench considered the case proved, and inflicted a fine of 5s. with 15s. costs, and in default of payment in 14 days, 21 days imprisonment.

The following were located in the 1871 census: