St Alban Cricket Club Pavilion Fund

From the Herts Advertiser,  5th May 1882


[At the Cricket Ground on Bernards Heath]





SUBSCRIPTIONS are solicited towards erecting a Pavilion on the cricket ground, at St Albans, the desirableness of which has been felt for a long time past. The cricket ground being now in excellent condition, the present time is thought a good opportunity, and a tender has been accepted for the erection at a cost of £150. Subscriptions to the amount of £120 0s 0d have been received, leaving a balance of £30 0s 0d still required to defray the cost of the same. Subscriptions may be sent to Mr A Rowden, Town Clerk’s Office, St Albans.

[and additional subscriptions]

Messrs Adey & White, £2 2s; Mr G Annesley, 10s 6d; Mr G F Arnold, £1 1s; Mr P Arnold, 10s; Mr G Barnes, £1 1s; Mr W Beament, £1 1s; Sir E Beckett, £1; Mr F Blanks, 10s 6d; Mr H Brabant, 10s; Mr W Brown, 5s; Mr W Burgoine, 5s; Mr J Chapple, £5; Mr A Clark, 5s; Messrs Collings & Reynolds, 10s 6d; County Cricket Club, £5; Hon H Cowper, MP, £2 2s; Mr D Cumberland, £1; Mr W Day, 10s; Mr A H Debenham, £2 2s; Rev P Deedes, 10s 6d; Mr F Dickinson, 2s 6d; Mr W Dixon, £1 1s; Mr W F Drage, £1 1s; Mr C K Dyer, 10s 6d; Mr C Edwards, 10s 6d; Mr I N Edwards, £1 1s; Mr A E Ekins, 10s; Mr C Everett, 5s; Mr C R Fenwick, 10s 6d; Mr F Freshwater, £1 1s; Friend, 10s 6d & 10s 6d; Major Gape, 10s & £1 1s; Mr J Gentle, £1 1s; Mr R Gibbs, 10s 6d; Mr R S Gibson, £1 1s; Mr H Gotto, £2 2s; Mr F Gough, £1 1s; Mr A Grace, 5s; Mr Green, £1 1s; Mr C D Green, £2 2s; Hon Robert Grimston, £2; Viscount Grimston, £2 2s; Mr T F Halsey, MP, £1; Mr S L Harding, £1 1s; Mr T Harris, 5s; Mr J Hawes, 10s 6d; Mr J S Hill, £3 3s; Mr J E Hitchcock, 5s; Mr H T Hodgson, 10s; Mr R Horne, 3s; Mr W Hurlock, 10s 6d; Mr R S Jones, £1 5s; Mr C E Keyser, £1 1s; Mr King, 5s; Mr W Kirby, 5s; Mr H Lindley, 10s 6d; Dr Lipscomb, £1 1s; Mr J Lloyd, £2 2s; Mr J B Maple, £2 2s; Mr W Marks, £1 1s; Mr G N Marten, £1 1s; Mr T P Marten, 10s; Mr H McQuoid, £2 2s; Mr T F Mechan, 10s 6d; Mr C W Miskin, 5s; Mr L J Myers, £1 1s; Mr R Nicholson, £1 1s & £2 2s; Mr F Norman, 5s; Mr T Oakley, 10s 6d; Mr W Oldacre, 5s & 5s 6d; Mr G R Park, 10s 6d; Mr J Parker, 5s; Mr C T Part, £1; Mr T Pearce, 10s 6d; Rev Herbert R Peel, £2 2s; Mr A F Phillips, 10s 6d; Dr Prior, £1 1s; Proceeds of Entertainment, per A Rowden, £7 17s 3d; Mr J Reynolds, 10s 6d; Mr G U Robins, £1; Mr A Rowden, £1 1s; Mr W Scott, £1; Mr F Seebohm, £2 2s; Mr F W Silvester, 5s; Mr G Slade, £1 1s; Mr Abel Smith, MP, £2; Mr F Smith, 10s 6d; Mr W H Solly, £2 2s; Captain Terry, £1 1s; Mr C Thomas, £1 1s; Mr V Titchmarsh, 10s 6d; Mr H J Toulmin, £1 1s; Mr H Travers, 10s 6d; Lord Verulam, £2; Mr H C Webdale, 10s 6d; Mr J Westell, 10s 6d; Mr W Westell, £2 2s & £5 5s; Mr W T Westell, £1 1s; E S Wiles [The Mayor], £2 2s; Mr A T Willmott, 5s; Mr C Woollam, £2; Mr C Wroot, 5s.