St Albans Union Contracts

to 25th March, 1859


The following are particulars of the current quarterly contracts recently taken to the 25 March


Bread & Flour Mr Joseph Wiles baker St Albans Bread good seconds, in 4lb loves, per cwt 9s 6d
Flour best seconds, per sack 30s
Beef & Mutton Mr Stone butcher Watford Beef, for clods, stickings. chunks, leg of mutton pieces, thick & thin flanks, and buttocks, in equal proportions, per stone of 8lb 3s 4d
legs & shins, weighing not less than 40s the set, per set 7s
Mutton, forequarters, between 18 & 24 lbs, per stone 3s 6d
Suet: beef & mutton suet in equal proportions 2s 4d
Groceries Mr Ed Wiles grocer St Albans Scotch oat meal, per cwt 18s
English oatmeal, per cwt 15s
Split peas, per bushel 7s 8d
Mr T Causton   St Albans Cheese, per cwt 50s
Store dips, per dozen 1 lbs 6s 2d
Moist sugar, per cwt 42s
Black tea per lb 3s 4d
Mr Langridge grocer St Albans Good roasted coffee, per lb 1s 1d
Mr Percival   London Yellow soap, per cwt 35s 6d
Good butter, sound, sweet, wired, well scraped, & cleaned, per cwt 85s
Loaf sugar, per cwt 56s
East India rice, per cwt 14s
Lamp oil, per gallon 3s 9d
Colza oil, per gallon 4s 3d
Milk R. Smith Heath Farm St Albans New milk, per gallon 8d
Straw       [contract remains open]  
Beer Mr T Kent   St Albans X ale, per sample, at per barrel 30s
Coals Messrs Haydon & Balderson   Boxmoor Best Ince Hall Coals, per ton 18s 6d
Clothing Mr Bond outfitter St Albans Mens's shoes, per pair 8s 6d
Womens's shoes, per pair 4s 6d
Boy's shoes, per pair 7s 6d
Girl's shoes, per pair 3s 3d
Messrs Atkinson London   [received the contract for most of the wearing apparel, linen, etc.  

Herts Guardian, 4th January, 1859

The list contains nothing for fresh vegetables, etc., the reason being that the work given to the able-bodied occupants of the workhouse would include growing the food needed to feed the inmates in the large field immediately adjacent to the workhouse. Apart from this the above list gives a good idea of the food that was brought by St Albans Union to support thr people who found themselves in the workhouse.


Contracts were awarded quarterly and details were frequently published in local papers in the later part of the 19th century. If your ancestor was a tradesman you may well find that he sometimes won contracts to supply food, etc., to the local union.

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