Tring Agricultural Society

From the Herts Guardian

 25th October 1859






Tring Agricultural Society

The meeting recently held was decidedly the most successful gathering of the society. The show of stock was larger than any previously exhibited, and the show of roots was finer. There was not quite so numerous an attendance of gentlemen as at the meetings of 1857 and 1858. The day fixed was later in the week than usual and Hemel Market interfered with the arrangements.   ...


Reports on events such as this one can be useful in your research because it names people particularly associating farm labourers with the farmer for whom they worked.


In the case of this meeting far more detailed records survive in the Society Minute book - which details the entries for each class. However, in most cases, press reports such as this one are all that survive.


Names Mentioned


Mr. Robert Baddrick  
Mr Bennett Rowsham
Mr Edwin Birch  
Mr. John Brown  
Mr. Brown  
Mr. Edward Butcher  
William Carpenter  
Mr. C. Cooley  
David Drake ploughman to Mr George Underwood
Daniel Draper ploughman to Mr. G. Underwood
Mr. C. Elliott  
Charles Fincher  
Mr J. K. Fowler Prebendal Farm, Aylesbury
Mr R. Fowler Braughton
Henry Gates ploughman to Colonel A Smith Dorien
Mr G. L. Ginger  
George Glenister Berkhampstead
Mr Goddard Amersham
Jessie Gomm ploughman to Mr Edwin Birch
Charles Goodson ploughman to Mr. John Brown
Mr William H. Grange Wigginton
William Goodson  
Mr J Hawkins Pitstone
Mr Daniel Griffin  
Stephen Hawkins ploughman to Mr. C. Cooley
Mr. George Holland  
Mr. Richard Horwood Aston Clinton
T. Holland  
Stephen Kempster shepherd to Mr. R. Fowler
Mr. Thomas Kingsley  
W. Ledbrook  
Thomas Little  
Charles Longman, Esq.  
Earl of Lonsdale  
Mr Lucas Weedon
Mr. Thomas Mead Aldbury
Frank John Moore, Esq  
E. Minall  
John Nutkins Tring Grove Farm
David Pratt ploughman to Mr. Thomas Procter
Mr. Thomas Procter  
Francis Pursell shepherd to Mr J. K. Fowler
Mr. Thomas Roads Braughton
Mr. Robinson  
Messrs. T & S Sheen Aylesbury
Jonas Smith  
Thomas Smith Pendley Farm
Colonel A Smith Dorien  
Mr Eleazer Southernwood Tring Grove.
John Stevens shepherd to Rev James Williams
David Sutton, Esq  
Messrs Sutton  
Jabez Timms  
Mr George Underwood  
Rev. James Williams Tring Park
Mr. Woodman Dunsley
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