Record Scouts Gathering at St Albans

From the Hemel Hempstead Gazette

 20th June, 1914


St Albans

Hemel Hempstead



This news article records the annual country rally of the Boy Scouts in June 1914 - only weeks before the outbreak of war. Like other articles in the paper there is no hint of the storms ahead .


The rally was held in in Clarence Park, St Albans, wand the scouts were addressed by Sir Ernest Shackleton.


At the time there were 91 troops in the county with 2,263 members by 1913, compared with 934 members in 1909.


Sir Ernest Shackleton

  Clarence Park



Hon. Scoutmaster H. Salway


1st Boxmoor Troop


Thorpe Bay




Borough Engineer of Hemel Hempstead (W.R. Locke)


2nd Boxmoor (St John's) Troop


Kings Langley 1st, Markyate 1st, Caddington


Tring 1st Troop


1st Kings Langley Troop


Scoutmaster W. H. Green

Mr. Alfred Marnham


3rd Boxmoor Troop, District

Commissioner E. H. Lidderdale


2nd Boxmoor Troop

Scoutmaster Rev. E. G. Semple




District Scoutmaster W. H. Harris




Sir Ernest Shackleton

Lord Clarendon


Tempest Hicks Cup

1st Tring Troop


Comyns' Cup

4th St Albans


Sir Ernest Shackleton's Address


Boy Scout Uniform, 1914, Museum of St Albans

Boy Scout 1914

on display in the Keeping the Home Fires Burning exhibition at the Museum of St Albans between 13th June - 16th November 2014.
























Lord Clarendon's Vote of Thanks


















County Commissioner Mr P.W. Everett

Sir Ernest Scackleton

Lady Verulam


National Anthem


Lord Clarendon

Mr. F H. Lidderdale


Ladies' Committee - Lady Cooper, Mrs Ramsey Drake, Mrs Collings Wells, Mrs Lidderdale



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