Stevenage Petty Sessions

The Herts Advertiser

1st September, 1883





Before Mr Unwin Heathcote (chairman), Dr. Barclay,

Mr H. G. S. Jones and Mr Bailey Denton.


Ernest Mercier, of Aston, was charged with trespassing in search of game on land in the occupation of William Woollatt, over which Major Venables has the rights of shooting. — Mr. Hudson appeared for the complainant. — Defendant produced a written authority from Mr. Woollatt permitting him to kill rabbits on his land. — Adjourned to the next Bench for Mr. Woollatt to appear.

William Turner was charged with trespassing in search of game on land in the occupation of Mr. Albert Brown. — Daniel Hannen said that on the 10th August he saw the defendant come out of the wood. He had with him a stick and a dog. His pockets appeared to stick out, but he would not let him see what it was. — Defendant said he went into the wood after a pigeon's nest. — Fine £1 including costs.

Joseph Hemmings, of Stevenage, was also charged with trespassing in search of game on land, the property of Mr. Proctor, of Bennington. Leonard Chapman, gamekeeper, said that on the 30th July he met the defendant coming out of Bennington High Wood. About fifteen yards in the wood he found five nets set over some rabbit holes, and a live ferret. — Defendant was fined £2 including costs or one month,


Charlotte Spriggins, of Aston, was charged with assaulting William Chalkley, of Aston End, on the 9th August. — Mr Barker appeared for the complainant, and Mr Hudson for defendant. — Mr Chalkley said that on the 9th August he was cleaning out a ditch on his land when the defendant came up and threw a pail of water over him. She then fetched another pailful of offensive stuff and threw that over him. — Benjamin Hornett said he had known the land in question for more than thirty years, and the ditch was always claimed by the owner of Chalkley's land. — Spriggins said she had had property by the side of the ditch for more than twelve years and had always claimed a right to ditch. — The Magistrates decided to dismiss the case conditionally on the defendant promising not to repeat the assault and paying 10s costs.


David Hemmings, George Anthony, William Anthony, and William Slocomb, of Stevenage, were charged with stealing growing apples and pears, the property of Eliza Munt, of Stevenage Lodge. — George Munt proved the case. — Defendants admitted taking the apples, but said that some bigger boys told them they could have them. — The Chairman cautioned the defendants, ond ordered them to pay the costs of the summonses (6s).


James Marshall, of Stevenage, was charged with being disorderly and refusing to quit the licensed premises of the White Swan, at Stevenage. — Mrs. Jenkins, the landlady, said that on the 13th of August the defendant came into her house drunk, and used very disgusting and bad language. She ordered him to leave the house, but he refused. — Defendant admitted being drunk, and was fined 5s.


Joseph Allen and Joseph Butnall, of Stevenage, were charged with assaulting Thomas Carter, of Stevenage, on the 6th of August. — Complainant said that on the day in question he told defendants to go away from his grandmother's corner because she was very ill. The defendants then ran after him and knocked him down. Allen then kicked hi. They both knocked him about. — Inspector Goodyear said that about half-past eleven on the night of the 6th of August he was in Beck Lane when he heard someone crying for mercy. On reaching the place he found Carter on the ground and the two defendants on the top of him knocking him about. — Police-constable Sharp corroborated Inspector Goodyear's evidence. The magistrates said that they considered it a bad case and fined Butnell £1, including costs, and Allen, who did not appear, 25s.

Henry Hart, of Walkern, was charged with assaulting Martha Pearman, of Walkern, on the 28th June. The complainant said that on the day in question the defendant swaore at her and doubled his fists in her face. — Minnie Pearman, complainant's daughter, gave corroborative evidence. — The defendant denied the charge, but the Bench considered an assault had been committed, although only a slight one. Fined 7s. 6d., including costs.

William Ward, of Willian, was charged with assaulting Sarah Smith. Neither party appeared, so the Bench dismissed the case with costs.


Albert Hart, of Walkern, was charged with injuring a fowl, the property of Daniel Pearman, of Walkern. —Complainant stated that several of his fowls had been injured at various times, and a little girl named Cox told him that defendant threw a stone at one of the fowls and hurt it. — Emily Cox said that she saw the defendant throw a stone at one of Mr. Pearman's fowls, and it fell down. — The defendant said that complainant's fowl were always in his garden doing a great deal of damage. — The case was dismissed.


William Andrews, of Ardeley, was charged with stealing a quantity of boards, two eggs, and other articles, the property of Mr Alfred Smith, of Great Munden. — Prosecutor proved the case. — The defendant pleaded guilty to stealing the boards and eggs. — Prosecutor said that he did not wish to press the case. — Prisoner was fined £3 or, in default, one month's imprisonment. The money was paid.