Abbots Langley

Hazelwood House


Hazelwood House - circa 1904 - published by Downer of Watford.


Hazelwood, by Coles - used 1905

In a long account of the house Abbots Langley, A Hertfordshire Village records that Lord Rokeby died in 1886. For the next ten years Hazelwood belonged to an Admiral Ralph Cator and he was then succeeded by the Rev. Henry Stewart Gladstone. The Rev. Gladstone at first leased the house to various London gentlemen but, in 1907, he decided to live in the house himself. He spent over 1,000 on renovations only to see the house gutted by a huge fire which occurred on the 8th [sic] of March, 1908.  Undaunted, the Rev. Gladstone began the rebuilding immediately, aided by an insurance payment of 10,500. The second Hazelwood was similar to the first house, but was sited at a different angle to the ornamental grounds.

Postcard of the fire that destroyed Hazelwood House on March 15th 1908 [sic] - published by Downer of Watford.

This would appear to be an enlarged "painted" detail of the earlier post card.

Hazelwood after fire, by Downer




Dear Florrie.  Many thanks for P.C.. Very glad Uncle is better & hope he will continue to improve. I thought you would like to see this. A terrible fire occurred. I went to see ruins but police forbade entrance. Hope Ernie is better.

Posted from Watford on March 21st 1908 to Miss Johnson, Cemetery Lodge, Walton Street, Oxford.

The Ruins of Hazelwood, Abbots Langley, after the disastrous fire, March 16th, 1908

Downer, Photo, Watford   In 1901 Florence Elizabeth Johnson was the 13 year old daughter of Henry Johnson, the cemetery keeper at St Sepulchre's Lodge, Walton Street, Oxford St Giles. She had a 12 year old brother, Ernest H Johnson who must be the Ernie referred to. The reference to Uncle may have been her father, Henry.  All were born in Oxfordshire. No clues as to writer of PC.
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