Bridgewater Monument,



Donkey Rides for the Visitors

The Bridgewater Monument

[undated real photographic postcard

known posted 1917]

Overlooking the village is the Bridgewater Monument, and a holloway leads up the steep Chiltern hillside. The Monument is situated in the park surrounding Ashridge House and is at th the end of a clear vista, with woodland on either side. 

In the past it was possible to have donkey rides, and now the area is run by the National Trust, and there are electric buggies to allow the less mobile to explore selected paths through the extensive woodland. 

The Bridgewater Monument
"In Honour of Francis, Third Duke of Bridgewater, Father of Inland Navigation, 1832"
Postcard by Loosley & Sons, Berkhamsted, circa 1905

"I am quite fascinated by the surroundings here."


The Monument Cottage - Postcard by J.T. Newman, Berkhampsted, posted 1910

The 1901 census shows that 67 year old Mrs Hannah Willmore (widow) was the caretaker of Bridgewater Column.

A few years later G. Loosley & Sons, Berkhamstead published a very similar card with Mrs Willmore, aged 73 years, Caretaker for the past 27 years.

The cottage is much the same today - except that it has been joined by the National Trust centre, where there is a little cafe, which I use as the base for my walks with my daughter's dog, Franci.

SP9713 : Monument Cottage, Ashridge by Chris Reynolds

The Cottage in 2009

Near the Monument, Ashridge

Kingsway Real Photo Series S 6376


Posted 1910


"It is one of our pretiest walks, Anne"


Aldbury in the Snow

Boxing Day 2010

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