The 1928 Snowfall at Barley



This post card, which may well be an amateur snapshot printed on a postcard, has the words "Chalk Pit Hill, Barley, 1928". When first posted on this web site I asked  if anyone could identify the place where the photograph was taken - and does anyone know of a very heavy snowfall in Hertfordshire in 1928?

In August 2005 Steve Upchurch (colin.upchurch @t wrote: I lived in Barley from 1939 till 1950 and I believe that this hill is the Cambridge side of the triangulation of roads around Dalnyveed [in Bakers Lane, Barley [Map]]. The shadow of the building is the Shah public house. There was a chalkpit halfway up on the right and I knew of this road being called Chalkpit Hill. [According to Hertfordshire Inns & Public Houses the Shah was still open in 1937 but had closed by 1962.]


This post card, also from 1928, shows the Cross Hill end of the High Street. Straight ahead on can see the War Memorial and The Cage, with the Wagon and Horses sign on the left. At the road junction the road to the left in Church End while the road to the right is London Road.

Netweather reports: 1927-28: Snow fell mid December in England and Wales, and on Christmas day through Boxing day, a blizzard raged in Southern England, from Kent to Cornwall. 1-2ft of snow fell, with 20ft drifts on Salisbury Plain! Christmas day must have been phenomenal! Snow fell mid March in the East. Very Snowy.

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