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Horse Fair, Barnet - early 20th century postcard
Note the railway station in the background

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Barnet Market

Chris Smith (csdes @t dircon.co.uk) of Barnet writes:  I am a Committee Member of Friends of Barnet Market (FoBM), we have over 660 registered Friends. I am also a Core Member of the Chipping Barnet Town Centre Strategy Board. This was recently set up by Barnet Council to involve the community in decisions regarding our town and its development. My role on the Board is to represent Chipping Barnet Market.

 I am researching the history of Chipping Barnet Market for a presentation I have been asked to make to the Council. I have quite a few pictures, old and new, that I have managed to hunt down. My question is: Do you have any pictures of the Market? Particularly the old Market when it was at the junction of Wood St and the High St, or later pictures after it moved to the St Albans Road site.

I provided a high resolution scan of the horse fair at the top of this page, and in return Chris has provided digital copies of some of his. He writes: Paynes Place was a stall market that flourished in an empty space in the High St. between 1900 and 1929.

Do you have any pictures that would help Chris?

  Cattle Market

 Posted 1st May 1905

  Cattle Market

Posted 8th December 1909

  Street Market at Payne's Place

circa 1920

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