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High Barnet, Fire, 1908  

The Great Fire at High Barnet

August 15th, 1908

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Published by the Watford Engraving Co

Recreation Ground, Barnet

Undivided back

[Blum & Degan style back]

posted 1903 (Barnet to Herne Bay, Kent)


Recreation Ground, Barnet, Hertfordshire

Congregational, Barnet

Multiview from 1902

Girls School

Boys Farm Home
Large Mansion possibly near New Barnet  

Unidentified House

To Miss E Plant, 20 Agincourt Rd, Hampstead.

Dear Ettie.  Hope all are well. This is a view of the Job.  This is a view of the job. Going on alright.

Yours Vic.

Presumably Vic worked in the house, and the house was somewhere near New Barnet. The stamp was stuck on at an angle - so perhaps it was a Victor writing to his girl friend.

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