St Leonards, Bengeo



St Leonards, Bengeo

Published by Rose & Sons, Hertford

Posted 1934

The two photograph post cards, of St Leonard's and Holy Trinity Churches, were published by A. A. Pickering, 75 Bengeo Street, Bengeo, Hertford, and printed as the "R A Series" (Radermacher Aldous). Kelly's Directory for 1926 lists "Pickering Arthur August, grocer, 75 Bengeo Street."


St Leonard's Church, Bengeo, in late 19th century

This 12th century church was replaced by Holy Trinity, in New Road, in 1855, It has now been restored and is a fine example of Norman architecture. - Hertford (Archive photographs)


Old St Leonard's Church

Published by Pratt's, corner of Maidenhead Street, Hertford

Frith's Series No 81779

Negative dated 1929

Posted 1935

Bendeo Old Church - Knight Collection post card  

Old Church, Bengeo

Knight Collection of British View Cards 212/7

published circa 1907


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