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The 43rd Protection Company at Berkhamsted circa 1917




43 Protection Company, Berkhamsted Railway Station, First World War

43rd Protection Company - possibly taken at or near Berkhamsted Railway Station

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John Halsey has provided a picture of the 43 Protection Company, which includes his great grandfather Herbert Halsey. When the First World War broke out there were many "old and bold" volunteers who joined the local Territorial battalions (or were already members) but were either too old or not fit enough to serve overseas. These were organised into supernumerary companies and the Protection Companies were used to protect vulnerable locations such as railway stations (and possibly the canal at places like Berkhamsted?) from spies, saboteurs and other threats. In 1917 the Protection Companies became part of the Royal Defence Corps.



Can you help by identifying any of the individuals in the picture or provide information on this, or any other Hertfordshire-based Protection Companies  during the First World War.

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