Hockerill - published by A Boardman & Son, North Street, Bishop's Stortford



Bishop's Stortford

Horkerill Church - from church guide published in 1939Hockerill

Formerly part of the parish of  Bishops Stortford

Hockerill Church - as rebuilt in 1939

Hockerill acquired its own church in 1851 but it was destroyed by fire in 1935. The picture comes from a short guide "1935-1939 Four Memorable Years - All Saints, Hockerill" celebrating the rebuilding of the church.


Hockerill Church - WHS Kingsway Real Photo Series S2044

copy know posted 1912

Hockerill Church, Bishops Stortford

The British Mirror Series (16/1)

circa 1906


Hockerill, Bishops Stortford
Valentine Card  54255  negative date 1906

The Fountain is now in Castle Gardens - see Geograph picture


See The Funeral for an in-depth investigation relating to a funeral procession which passed this spot in between 1912 and 1916.


Hockerill - Valentine card #39258 (photograph taken 1903)


by G. Healey

by A. R. Quinton

Hockerill Training College

Hockerill Training College, Bishops Stortford
Valentine's Series 39283 JV
(photograph taken 1903)


See Hockerill Training College


Bishops Stortford Golf Course.

  Bishop's Stortford Golf Club was designed by James Braid with the help of Douglas Rolland and H. S. Colt as part of Sir Walter Gilbey's plans for the Hockerill Park Estate. It was opened on 11 June 1910.  For more information see information on the online Bishops Stortford and Thorley history.

The picture comes from a postcard published by A Boardman and posted in August 1910, two months after the golf club opened.

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