Maud Huntsman's Paintings of


King John's Farm, near Rickmansworth, by Maud Huntsman
King John's Farm

Annie Maud Huntsman was one of seven daughters (and two sons) of Henry and Henrietta Huntsman, her father being a military tailor and breeches maker. She was born in 1860 in Great Marlborough street, St James, Westminster. At the time of the 1881 census she was an art student, as were three of her sisters. The family was living in Marylebone, her father employing 13 men and a boy.

Henry died in 1909 and shortly afterward the Misses Huntsman moved to Hackthorne, Chorleywood, where they were until at least 1922. In 1911 Annie Maud Huntsman was not at home but in a nursing home in Hendon - where she was described as an "artist (pictures)."

She died in 1952, aged 92, almost blind and possibly in a house called "Attecliffe" in Quickley Lane, Chorlewood , where she had been living with her sister Alice. [link]

She painted landscapes, especially woodland scenes which appear on post cards produced by Suttley and Silverlock - who published the cards shown here.

Shire Lane, CHorley Wood, by Maud Huntsman
Shire Lane

Titke: Chorleywood Common and Church - By Maud Huntsman - Publisher: Suttley & Silverlock - Date: probably painted before 1910
Chorleywood Church & Common,
Title: Clements Farm, Chorleywood Common - Publisher: Printed by Suttley & Silverlock Ltd, London S.E.1. - Date: Probably painted before 1910. printed before 1933
Clements Farm, Chorleywood Common
Bluebells in Philipshill Wood, by Maud Huntsman
Bluebells in Philipshill Wood

The postcards are undated [does anyone have a posted copy with a date stamp?] but are probably from the 1920's and were produced by Suttley and Silverlock, a printing company which was incorporated in 1915.

It is worth noting that three of Annie Maud's sisters also had art connections and died in the Watford area (possibly at Chorleywood).

  • Alice Mary Huntsman (1856-1952) was described as a certified art student in 1881 and was living at Chorleywood in 1911.

  • Florence Susan (1858-1925) was described as an art student in 1881 and was living in Hamstead in 1911.

  • Henrietta Marianne Jane (1859-1931)  was described as an art student in 1881 and was living at Chorleywood in 1911.

Annie Maud had three other sisters - all of whom were living in Hampstead (with Florence) in 1911, and again never married. As far as I know they had no specific "art" connections. They were Julia Constance Huntsman (1862-1946), Margaret Helen Huntsman (1853-1953) and Sophia Kathleen Huntsman (1871-1950). She also had two brothers Benjamin Francis Henry Huntsman (1865-1939) and Henry William Tite Huntsman (1867-1944) both of whom married.


Old Pond Cottage, Chorleywood, by Alice Mary Huntsman

Old Pond Cottage, Chorleywood, by A. Huntsman