The Red, White & Blue

Colliers End

Colliers End was a hamlet within the parish of High Cross which in turn was part of the historic parish of Standon.




Colliers End

The signs on the building read "McMullen's Fine Ales" and "Good Accommodation for Cyclists" over the entrances it reads "Luncheons", "Wash and Brush Up" and "Teas" and that it is licensed for the sale of beer - but unfortunately information on the licensee is unreadable.

None of the public/beer houses are identified by name in the 1891 or 1901 census, but Thomas Cater (43, born Eastville, Lincs) is listed as "butcher and beerseller" at the Red White & Blue in the 1881 census. A Thomas Clater is the the 1882 Kelly's Directory as a beer retailer. 

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From the Ballad "Red White and Blue" published circa 1849

Then the grog, boys, the grog, boys, bring hither
Let each one fill to the brim,
May the memory of Nelson never wither,
Nor the star of his glory grow dim.
May the service united ne'er sever,
But each to his colours prove true,
Here's to the army and navy for ever,            
And three cheers for the red, white and blue.


Photograph of "Barnacres" Colliers End, 2006

The Colliers End Publicans

The following table records the publicans listed at Collier's End in Kelly's Directories for Hertfordshire. The names in 1899/1902 were used to identify properties in the 1901 census, together with a study of maps, (Locating Census Addresses on Maps) suggests that William Smith was the publican at the Red White and Blue in 1901.

CORRECTION: (January 2014): However at the time the following table was drafted the 1911 census was not available, and as Colin Smith (whose ancestor William Smith died in The Plough) has pointed out the above suggestion was wrong and the table has now been corrected, and extra years added.

  1882 1886 1890 1895 1899 1902 1908 1912 1914 1917 1922 1926
Waggon & Horses John Armstrong John George Armstrong James George Turner  
Lamb & Flag John Perry D. Blake James Brown William Barrett William Liney Frank Brand Rolland Drummond Douglas Charles Rayment Walter Early
Fox & Hounds Martin George? William Frederick Reekes Henry Page Charles Bristow Herbert Ruthven George Mison William John Lewington George Henry Denty Edward Ebbs George Meyers
Beer retailer [Red White & Blue] Mrs/Miss Ellen Harrison? Joseph A Welch Joseph Constable Robert Champlain John Hebdege Mrs Susan Hebdege
W H Wildman (1911)
Beer retailer [Plough]     Henry Edwards? William Smith Mrs Sarah Smith James Smith Joseph Shakespeare  

The question marked entries are described as beer sellers with no address. Martin George is the only Collier's End beer seller in 1882 and could have been in the Fox and Hounds or the Red White and Blue. The 1881 census is no help..  Harrison is allocated to the Red White and Blue because the census returns suggest it is closer to the blacksmith than the Plough. The Lamb and Flag is still functioning (2014) and the Fox and Hounds closed sometime between 1962 and 1995.

The 1911 Census list the following people in the Red White & Blue

WILDMAN, William Henry Head Married17 years M 36 1875 Beer Seller And General Laborer Island Bridge Dublin
WILDMAN, Daisy Hannah Wife Married F 32 1879   Colchester
WILDMAN, Joseph Herbert Son   M 6 1905 School St Johns and Hackney
WILDMAN, William John Son   M 5 1906 School South Hackney
WILDMAN, Doris Nellie Daughter   F 3 1908   Clapham
WILDMAN, Emily Daughter   F 1 1910   Standon Herts

and the following at The Plough

SMITH, Sarah Louisa Head Widow F 63 1848 Beer House Keeper Hainford Norfolk
SMITH, Louisa Matilda Daughter Single F 21 1890 Dressmaker Diltons Marsh Wilts
January 2014   Update with 1911 census
March 2018   Arcive larger image of postcard