The Salisbury Crest,






Salisbury Crest, Essendon, Hertfordshire   The Salisbury Crest
Thomas John Norton, Proprietor
Back style circa 1910

Norton Thomas John, Salisbury Crest P.H.; capital accommodation for cyclists & tourists; assistant overseer, rate collector & parish clerk to the Parish Council.    Kelly 1908.

In addition Arthur Clifton was at the Rose & Crown P.H. and Mrs Sarah Collins and George Littlechild both retailed beer.

T J Norton also published a post card of St Mary's Church.

Essendon - The Salisbury Crest
Hatfield Series, Copyright
Posted 1919 but back style circa 1904

The Salisbury Crest was one of two public houses identified in 1756 - when it was called The Kings Head, It was renamed by 1820 when the publican was William Pallett. The other public house was the Crown (later renamed the Rose & Crown). William Whittingstall, a brewer who lived in Hoddesdon, held a mortage on the property, which was foreclosed in 1790, and the Crown was sold to Samuel Whitbread, a brewer who owned the nearby Bedwell Park. Hertfordshire Inns & Public Houses

  The Salisbury Crest, Essendon, Hertfordshire

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