St Ronan's School

Monken Hadley

St Ronan's School, Hadley Wood, Hertfordshire
St. Ronan's, Hadley Wood, Herts
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Posted 1953
An independent school for girls was opened in St. Ronan's, Hadley Wood, in 1897 and closed in 1939.  [Victoria County History for Middlesex] It turns out that it was actually in Enfield, Middlesex and not Monken Hadley - but as it is sometimes described as being in Hertfordshire I have decided to include it on this web site.


1911 Census - St Ronans School, Beech Hill, Hadley Wood, Barnet

Return filled under the parish of Enfield

LEDWARD, Mary Beatrice Ruthven Head Single F 52 1859 Principal Of Girls School Manchester
SHORE, Alice Amelia Head Single F 46 1865 Principal Of Girls School Burnley
DOVE, Emily Jane Teacher In School Single F 22 1889 Teacher Great Belstead Essex
BECKER, Madleine Teacher Single F 24 1887 Teacher Dunkerque France
EVANS, Gertrude Maude Teacher Single F 25 1886 Teacher Wallington Surrey Resident
RUDD, Kathleen Ada Teacher Single F 20 1891 Teacher Torrington Devon
SCOTT, Ira Gertrude Housekeeper Single F 28 1883 Housekeeper Cork
LINDSAY, Jeine Ara Alice Pupil Single F 18 1893 School Thurso Scotland
TANNER, Ethel May Pupil Single F 16 1895 School Gravesend
SCHOLES, Kate Florence Pupil Single F 15 1896 School Bloomsbury London
POWELL, Wilhelmina Elston Bowen Pupil Single F 12 1899 School India Resident
GRIRECH, Luise Florentine Augusta Pupil Single F 18 1893 School Bremen Germany Resident
CATTLEY, Beatrice Agnes Pupil Single F 11 1900 School Memphis Tennessee U S A
CATO, Millicent Hope Pupil Single F 17 1894 School London
CATO, Joan Mercedes Pupil Single F 14 1897 School London
TANNER, Aline Pupil Single F 13 1898 School Gravesend
SWALLOW, Alice Mary Pupil Single F 17 1894 School Hudersfield
GODDARD, Susie Pupil Single F 16 1895 School Hampstead London
GIERECH, Martha Elizabeth Olga Cecilia Pupil Single F 17 1894 School Bremen Germany Resident
LEDWARD, Joyce Allen Niece Single F 14 1897 School Manchester
TANNER, Olive Pupil Single F 15 1896 School Gravesend
DONALD, Winifred Nellie Pupil   F 13 1898 School Ilford Surrey
POWELL, Frances Mary Bowen Pupil Single F 17 1894 School Barmak Resident
AMES, Florence Servant Single F 40 1871 Cook Domestic Maistone Surrey
AYLETT, Ethel Cook Housemaid Single F 21 1890 Housemaid Domestic Hertfo
DOVE, Kate Housemaid Single F 17 1894 Housemaid Domestic East Barnet Herts
PETTITT, Sarah Between Maid Single F 23 1888 Between Maid Domestic Unknown
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