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The Biggin





The Biggin, Courtyard

Frith's Postcard No 49743 - photo taken 1903, copy known posted 1907.


The Biggin has a complex history. It was built in 1361 by Sir Edward de Kendale as a priory for three Gilbertine canons. In 1585 it was the home of the Croocar family, and soon after Robert Snagge  rebuilt it in its current form. By 1635 it was a school, and in 1723 it was used as a parish poor house. In 1812 it again became a school, and later in the century it became an alms house of old ladies. 

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The Biggin, Hitchin

Published by Paternoster & Hales, Hitchin, No. 81725

Posted 1930

The Garret, The Biggin, Hitchin, Herts: Larger image not available

Garret, The Biggin, Hitchin

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