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in 1746




Map of area around Hunsdon, Herts, from The Agreeable Historian, 1746


Towards the Southern Point of this Hundred lieth Hunsdon, a Village fo called from the Hill on which it ftands. It was Parcel of the Manor of Stanfted, in the Conqueror's Time. It ftands on a gravelly rifing Ground, and has so good an Air, that King Henry VIII. erected a Palace here, to which he often reforted, and in which he kept his Children.

When Queen Elizabeth came to the Crown, she granted it to her Coufin-German, Henry Carry, being Queen Anna Bullen's Sifter's Son, and with it fhe conferred on him the Title of Baron Hunsdon, which has ever fince been enjoyed by his Succeffors, but the Manor has been fold.                                                                          

The Agreeable Historian, 1746


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