Napsbury Military Hospital

Tapestry made on Ward F II


Military Medal Tapestry made at Napsbury Military Hospital, First World War

On display in the Keeping the Home Fires Burning exhibition at the Museum of St Albans between 13th June - 16th November 2014.


Sgt. A. D. McLaren

R. Monery

B. Ray

G. Siddons

Cpl. J. . Burdit

R. Winn

L.Cpl. Goolding

Pt. W. Andrews

J.C. Boyles

A. Burgess

C. B. Comber

W. W. Conolly

J. Greig

F. R. Fraser

A.C. Green

W. Griffith

J.S. Hadlow

E. Harrison

J. McBride

J. McFarlane

W. Miller


A. M. Pearce

W. Pye

J. Symes

W. A. Stratton

T. Whitelam

E. A. Wetton


The County of Middlesex War Hospital, Napsbury

Ward F. II

Some of regimental badges shown