A Potted Collection of Historical Whimsy

Phillip Vanderwarker

A5 booklet, published 2004, no ISBN



An attractive little book which plots the village history from Roman times and which includes information on sources.

Sample Extract.

 Matthew Roe's contribution served well, as in 1832 a Commissioner's report read:

The School house and School room is a large commodious building with a garden adjoining of 37 perches, in which the master is permitted to reside rent free. He was appointed by the feoffees in 1815. He is allowed a salary of 35 per annum and 5 for pens and ink.

The boys are appointed by the feoffees, and all who apply are admitted into the school. They are received at the age of 6 or 7 and remain as long as their parents think proper.

They are taught reading, writing and arithmetic. There are present 35 boys, but the number fluctuate according to the seasons of the year; in winter months the attendance is most numerous.

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