St Albans Ephemera

Primrose League & Conservative & Unionist Associations


16th July, 1910


Genealogy in


St Albans


Sometimes you can be lucky and some piece of ephemera has survived which can suggest what your ancestors might have been doing on a particular day in the past. In this case it is a programme of a meeting of the Primrose League & Conservative & Unionist Associations of Hertfordshire, and while the location is not given it was almost certainly held at Randall Park, St Albans. In this case the program contain a useful list of names.

Mr G. Abbott

Mr J. Andrews

Mr Charles H. Ashdown

Mrs C. H. Ashdown

Miss Dorothy Beal

Mr Graham Boys

Miss G. Briscoe

Mr L. H. Buttenshaw

Mr W. E. B. Clark

Mr A. E. Clarke

Miss V. Cliff

Miss E. Collier

Mr H. E. Collier

Mr F. Cubitt

Miss K. Dangerfield

Mr A. Dean

Mr G. W. Dickinson

Miss O. Dickson

Miss G. Dixon

Miss M. Dixon

Mr E. Dodd

Mr Ernest J Dunham

Miss E. Dunning

Mr A. E. Faulkner


Mrs Finn

Miss L. Ford

Mr F. J. Freeman

Mr F. A. Garner

Miss A Giffen

Miss F. Giffen

Mr A. Gow

Mr J. Gray

Miss R. Hill

Miss C. Hine

Mr H. T. Hosier

Mr S. F. Hosier

Mr C. Howard

Mr E. G. Hunt

Miss S. Hunter

Mr H. C. Lindley

Miss D. Litchfield

Mr W. Marshall

Miss R. Maygrove

Mr J. C. McCowan

Mr E. R. Mitchell

Mr. W. A. Newell

Miss F. Nicoll

Mr L. H. Nott


Mr W. J. Phillips

Mr F. Popplewell

Mr E. J. Prichard

Mr H. Prime

Mr J. E. Randall

Miss M. Reynolds

Mr W. J. Richardson

Mr Rolph

Marchioness of Salisbury

Mr W. P. Sargent

Mr J. E. Saunders

Mr H. H. Scott

Mr R. R. Scott

Mr A. E. Sharp

Mr H. T. Symons

Mr C. H. Watts

Mr C. S. Webdale

Mr W. Whitby

Miss M. Williams

Mr E. A. Winch

Miss Maud Wright

Miss D. Young



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