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List of members of St Albans Halsey Lodge
15th March, 1879
HALS Quarter Sessions records (ref L MISC 2642A)
(supplied by Jon Mein)

Halsey Lodge

No 1479

The Lodge was consecrated at the Town Hall, St Albans on 29th April 1874 by RW Bro. Thomas Frederick Halsey (later to become the RT. Hon. Sir T. F, Halsey, Bart., P.C.) Meetings were held in the Town Hall until 1935.

Happy Hertfordshire


Certificate accepting Jacob Reynolds as a member of the Halsey Lodge, 1875


Invitation to attend an especial meeting to unveil the foundation stone of St Albans Grammar School New Buildings


St Albans Lodge

No 2786

Consecrated 29th November 1899

Thomas Frederick   Halsey Great Gaddesden Place MP  
F H Wilson   Iles Watford MD  
James   Terry Freemasons Hall, London Gent  
H J   Lamb 5 St John Sq, London Watchmaker  
Thomas Frederick   Wingham 90 Borough Sq -  
John   Lowthin Barnet Coal merchant  
Hayward   Edwards Hadley, Middlesex Brewer  
Isaac Newton   Edwards St Albans Solicitor  
William   Marks St Albans Victualler  
Sidney Longhurst   Harding St Albans Auctioneer  
Frederick   Venables Barnet Auctioneer  
Jacob   Reynolds St Albans Farmer  
John   Parrott St Albans Farmer  
Christopher   Miskin St Albans Builder  
Frederick Richard   Webster St Albans Surgeon  
Thomas   Kent St Albans Brewer  
Charles Willoughby   Reynolds St Albans Draper  
Henry   Bailey St Stephens Farmer  
Alfred Herbert   Debenham St Albans Solicitor  
George   Hall St Albans Stockbroker  
H A   Taylor St Albans Farmer  
Henry Reginald   West Harpenden MD  
Albert   Bridges 33 Lowfield Rd, Kilburn Ironmonger  
W W   Flood Dulwich Druggist  
Charles   Harries St Albans Cashier  
William   Wells St Albans Solicitor  
Richard Henry   Prior St Albans Physician  
George   Annesley St Albans Solicitor  
Oswald Richard   Stott St Michaels Farmer  
John   Chapple St Albans Architect  
Horace   Slade St Albans Manufacturer  
Arthur   Godson Abroad -  

 Members of earlier St Albans Lodge in 1843

There was an earlier St Albans Lodge (No 678) which was consecrated in 1839 but was erased in 1853. It normally met in Thomas Colman's Turf Hotel.

This list (HALS ref QS Misc 2611) relates to a meeting in the Town Hall in March 1843.

(supplied by Jon Mein)

William Lloyd Thomas Hatfield
Shadrick Godwin  Hemel Hempstead
Thomas Kinder St Albans
John  Kinder St Albans
Stephen Smith St Albans
Arthur M Timperson New Barns, St Albans
Thomas Oakley Kingsbury, St Albans
Thomas Ward Blagg St Albans
David Hutson St Albans
  Francis Robert Silvester St Albans
  William Syrett St Albans
  William George Oak Farm, nr St Albans
  William J B French Markyate
  Rev. Andrew Donald St Albans
  Rev. Philip Coleman St Albans
  William Ames St Albans
  Henry Edwards Hamsteads Farm, Bricket Wood
  Thomas Coleman Turf Hotel
  Richard Bryan St Albans
  Edmund Bates Batford Mill
  Henry Le Jeune St Albans
  George Sturt St Albans
  Anthony Clifton Welwyn
  Philip Inglis Page St Albans
  David Arnold St Albans

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