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St Albans

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Further Reading on the Early History of the Area.

Over the years a range of popular guides have been published on the Roman City and the latest will be available from the Verulamium Museum, adjacent to St Michael's Church. More detailed information will be found in the following books:

The Archaeology of the Chilterns by Keith Branigan, 1994

The Catuvellauni by Keith Branigan, 1985 (relates to the pre-Roman Iron Age)

Town & Country - Verulamium and the Roman Chilterns by Keith Branigan, 1973

Roman Hertfordshire by Rosalind Niblett, 1995

Verulamium - The Roman City of St Albans by Rosalind Niblett, 2001

I have not yet seen Alban's Buried Towns: An Assessment of St Albans' Archaeology up to AD 1600, by Rosalind Niblett, 2005, but I am sure it will interest the more serious student of the subject.

In addition there are a large number of detailed archaeological reports, describing individual excavations, aimed at the serious archaeologist. One I have found useful, because it covers the whole period from the prehistoric to comparatively recent times, is Reconstruction and Measurement of Landscape Change: A Study of Six Parishes in the St Albans Area, by Jonathan Hunn, 1994, which not only touches on the earlier periods but included information from 18th and 19th century field maps, etc. (But beware it is not an easy read for the non-academically minded.)

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