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Stagenhoe Park

St Pauls Walden



St Pauls Walden


Stagenhoe Park - Posted 1905


Lottie Clarke (lottieclarke @t hotmail.com) is currently researching the history of the gardens at Stagenhoe Park for the Hertfordshire Gardens Trust. . I have provided her with a high resolution copy of this post card which vividly shows the quality of the labour  intensive planting favoured by William Bailey Hawkins, the owner at that time, an enthusiastic gardener who spent lavishly on his estate.

She is appealing for any pictures which show the gardens. After she has finished the report she will be looking for pictures showing the gardens at Lockleys, Welwyn.

Philip Wray wrote: Did you know Reginald Hine was commissioned to write an article about Stagenhoe? It languishes in a box at HALS.


Views of Stagenhoe Park

circa 1910

These pictures come from a book of photographs of the park which was split up and sold as separate pages.



The Terrace Looking Down

The Garden Wood - Path looking down

The Chestnut Avenue in Flower

 The Lime Avenue - Looking Up