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Fire at St Edmund's College

[& Steamer Fire Engines]




Fire at St Edmunds College, Standon, near Ware  

Original Scan - Fire at St Edmunds College

Original Image


Fire at St Edmunds College

Posted at Ware 1907

Image from very faded original

Zooming in it is possible to see what the people were looking at.
The Ware "Steamer" Fire Engine

At the end of the 19th century many fire brigades had steamer" fire engines. These were horse-pulled carts carrying a steam boiler which worked the water pumps. Of course the boiler would take time to get up to steam, but it is said the draught caused by the horses galloping to the fire was used to help get the boiler fire to burn more fiercely.

The Hertford "Steamer" Fire Engine

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