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published by E. Ashby, Welwyn

circa 1905

Candles provide the only artificial means of lighting at the eleventh-century church of St Peter at Tewin. There is no electric lighting and the organ is worked by hand. The fine proportions of the interior can be seen from this photograph looking down the nave towards the chancel.

From an article on the church in the Hertfordshire Countryside for Spring 1948.


From a Visit to the Church in 2004

The church was visited in September 2004 and there were plenty of old grave stones in the churchyard (see below), although few were close to the church. (Has the churchyard been tidied up at some stage?) I was interested to see several modern grave boards, the most recent recording a death in 1950. 

A single folded A4 sheet which briefly describes the history of the church from Saxon times, and gives details of the memorials in the church - and also some information on the churchyard.

By the East wall of the churchyard are tombstones for the Carringtons, Dennes, Feilds, and Hopkyns, all prominent figured in the life of the village, whose deeds are well recorded in parish documents. A little apart to the south are stones to the memory of John Carrington and his wife. For some time he was at Bacon's Farm on the Hertford Road, where he wrote a diary of the day-to-day events of the district, with comments on the local inhabitants of the day. They give a detailed account of parish life during the late 18th and 19th centuries. See The Carrington Diary

The Tomb in the churchyard most frequently visited ... is that of Lady Anne Grimston. ... She was reported to have said, "If, indeed, there is life hereafter, trees will render asunder my tomb." For over 200 years trees have forced their limbs through the tomb to raise their branches in rejoicing. ...

The memorials have been indexed by the Hertfordshire Family History Society

Visit the Tewin Village Web Site which includes further information on the Church, including the text of the above leaflet..

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