Tewin Water,


Old Herts



Drawn by J. P. Neale      Engraved by T. Matthews

From Views of the Seats of Noblemen and Gentlemen in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland by J P. Neale.

circa 1820

The House, Tewin Water, Welwyn, Hertfordshire

Tewin Water, Welwyn, Herts

Garden View, Tewin Water, Welwyn, Hertfordshire

  Garden View, Tewin Water, Welwyn, Hertfordshire

All these post cards have identical, simple, backs, printed in England, probably from 1920s

Bridge and Waterfall, Tewin Water, Welwyn, Hertfordshire

See Humphry Repton's Red Books  for Panshanger & Tewin which includes designs for the estate from 1800

There is a web site for Tewin Water


Some Early Old News about Tewin Water relating to Henry Cowper

Extracts from British Newspaper Archive

Same Day [Monday] died, at Tewin Water, in Hertfordshire, aged 98, the Right Hon. the Lady Dowager Cathcart.

Derby Mercury, 6 August 1789


Last Friday night a gipsey was delivered of two male children in a wood near Tewin Water, Hertfordshire, which were nearly starved to death from cold, and the want of clothes to cover them. The circumstances being made known early in the morning to Mr. Henry Cowper, who resides near that part of the country, he immediately ordered the unfortunate woman and her children to be supplied with every article that could make them comfortable.

Jackson's Oxford Journal, 22 January, 1803


Henry Cowper, esq., of Tewin Water, endowed a chaplaincy at Hertford Infirmary.

Hampshire Advertiser, 18 June, 1836


Henry Cowper, Esq. of Tewin Water, near this town, has made a most munificent donation of 500 to the Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge. Nothing can exceed the munificence of this worthy individual towards the poor in his neighbourhood, and he is anxious at all times to promote objects for their temporal and spiritual benefit.

Hertford Mercury, 6 December 1836


EXTRAORDINARY OCCURRENCE - On Friday week as a person was walking in the beautiful grounds of Henry Cowper, Esq., of Tewin Water, he chances to look into one of the highly ornamental vases (which stand in front of the drawing-room window, for the purpose of containing flowers) when to his great astonishment he perceived inside of it the nest of a small bird, with three eggs in it, which seemed quite fresh, though very late in the year. It is, indeed, one of the most singular instances of the kind which has been remembered in that part of the country for some years, as the aperture which admitted the bird is not more than three-quarters of an inch in Breadth. - Herts County Press

Sherbourne Mercury, 23 September, 1839


DEATHS: Nov. 28, at Tewin Water, Herts, Henry Cowper, Esq., in the 87th year of his age.

The Standard, 30 November, 1840


TEWIN WATER SALE: - Mr Jackson has concluded his arduous tasks of seven days' labour, in the disposal of the property entrusted to him by the Executors of the late revered and respected old English gentleman, Mr. Henry Cowper. We are assured that the amount received was much beyond the expectations of the parties most interested and this arose, as we think, from various causes: much and deep interest inthe sale was felt bu the public in all directions; competition was evident in many cases, induced by a desire to posses some relicc of one so justly beloved for his princely munificence to the needy and suffering poor. The admirable arrangements made also by the auctioneer greatly contributed to the success of the sale. The furniture sold remarkably well; the old rum made 12s. 6d. a bottle; the plate excited a sporting competition; the portrait of "The Witch" was sold for 18 guineas; and the flock of sheep was sold for 1s per pound.

Hertford Mercury, 23 January, 1841


[From a very long account of Visit of Her Majesty and Prince Albert to Woburn Abbey, Panshanget and Brocket Hall] ... ... Other arches were thrown across the road in different parts, and by Tewin Water Gate flags and festoons of evergreens were hoisted. The Royal party proceeded theough the park at Tewin Water, the residence of the late Henry Cowper, Esq. the benevolent founder of the Herts Infirmary, and left by the Digswell Gate, where the loyal people of Digswell were assembled. ... ...

Herts Mercury, 31 July 1841


Hertford Mercury, 9 October, 1841


Hertford Mercury 12 December, 1840

Hertford Mercury, 12 December 1840

Lord Uxbridge, the late Lord Chamberlain, who has taken a residence at Tewin Water, removed in vans, on Thursday the 2nd inst, the whole of the furniture and other property left by his lordship (upon his retirement from office in the Royal household) at Windsor Castle and Cumberland Lodge. The appartments at Cumberland Lodge, formerly occupied by Lord Uxbridge, are now appropriated to the use of Major-General Wemyss, Clerk-Marshal and principal Equerry to his Royal Highness Prince Albert. - Times

Hertford Mercury, 11 March, 1842


Morning Post, 20 August, 1853




The Truly Great Man: one who uses his riches for God's glory.

A Sermon preached in the parish church of Tewin, on the Sunday after the funeral of HENRY COWPER, Esq. of Tewin Water

by the Rev. John  Steel, B.A.

Curate of Tewin.

Printed at the Request of the Parishioners, Hertford: Cobb, 1840


The Hertford Mercury printed a description, including an extract which is mainly flowery words saying very little of import except for:

... To his fostering care the schools of Tewin, Digswell, and Hertingfordbury, owe their maintenance and efficiency. To his lordly munificence that admirable institution - the Hertford Infirmary - is in great measure indebted for its erection and support. He provided entirely at his own cost and income for a resident medical attendant: and the chaplainship also of that institution was exclusively his own endowment. ...

Hertford Mercury 2 January, 1841

[It would be interesting to know if a copy of the sermon survives]


In 1920 a Girl Guides' Rally was held in Tewin Water Park

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