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Thundredge & Wadesmill


During the 19th century the road through Wadesmill was very busy, although perhaps less so when the railways started to take traffic from the roads.


Crosskill's Romaine Cultivator - Illustrated London News, October 3rd, 1857


Morning Post August 2nd 1841

Road traffic accidents happened for centuries before the invention of the motor car, and the account of the incident when the Marquis of Exeter's carriage was side swiped by a waggon passing in the opposite direction.



Ipswich Journal October 16th 1858

While the steam carriages were only around for a short time traction engines of various type did become acceptable, and this was one of the earlier experimental machines. See The History of Steam Ploughing.

Essex Standard, October 11th, 1839

In 1839 the people of Wadesmill would have been very surprised to see a 20 seater horseless carriage  passing through the village on its way to Cambridge. It was Mr Hancock's Automaton Steam Carriage. In fact steam carriages never caught on in part because of the high toll charges imposed by the turnpike trusts.



The cuttings are from the British Newspaper Archive
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