Tring Church

Church Goods in 1552


The following extract from Church Goods in Hertfordshire records the items of value still held by Tring parish church in 1552.

Maid the first day of Novembre [1552] ...   1st November 1552

And Thomas  Blakhedde of Tringe ...

  Commissioner Thomas Blackhead appointed to assess the goods
Beonginge to the parishe Churche of Tringe ...   Goods belonging to Tring Parish Church
Imprimis v Belles in the Steple wth a Saunce Bell   5 bells in the steeple with a Sanctus Bell
Itm a Challise of Siluer and Guilte poz xij oz   A chalice of silver and gold weighing 12 ounces

p' ecclia Itm another Challise of Siluer poz vij oz

  Another chalice of silver weighing 12 ounces
Itm a Coppe of Crymosyne vellat   A cape of crimson velvet
Itm a Coppe a vestment a deakon and Subdeakon of Blew vellet wth awlbes and ameses to theim  

Vestments for a deacon and sub-deacon with ?? and collars to them

Itm a hoall Suytte of readd Sattine wythe all thinge therto Belonginge as aforsaide   A whole suit of red satin with all things belong to it
Itm a vestment of Blew Dammaske wth albe and Ammese And iij Corporasses wth caysses to theim   A vestment of blue damask with ? and collar and three corporal clothes in cases
p' ecclia  Itm Sex Alter Clothes of lynnon   Six altar cloths
Itm a pair of Orgaynnes   Two organs



signed Thomas Blackhead

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