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BT 41 / 694 / 3782
No. of Company: 12567; Tring Coffee House Company Ltd. Board of Trade: Companies Registration Office: Files of Dissolved Companies Date: 1878.

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BT 41/694/3782

This document bundle contains the original form setting up the company in 1878, several lists of shareholders, and the final voluntary winding up of the company on 25th February, 1882.

Company records are indexed under the company name - but can contain a wealth of useful information on named shareholders. The Tring Coffee House Company Limited was established in 1878 and all 200 shares were taken up by 1881.The company was dissolved in 1882. It would seem likely that most, if not all, subscribers supported the temperance movement.



Memorandum of Association


Initial Subscribers


Memorandum of Association

This Company was established with a capital of 100 divided into 10/- shares on 10th March 1878 with the object

The supply of accommodation and refreshment on the temperance principle to persons of small means at such place or places in the town of Tring or elsewhere as the Company may from time to time determine.

The initial subscribers were

The signatures of the subscribers was were witnessed by E R Deas Thomson, Dunsley, Tring, Gentleman, on 10th October 1878.

THE TEMPERANCE HOTEL of the Tring Coffee House Company Limited was opened on Friday week.

Bucks Herald, 16th November, 1878




Bucks Herald, 1st February, 1879


The following is a list of shareholders on 17th March 1881  
Surname Christian Name Address Occupation Shares  
Pope Arthur F The Furlong, Tring Clerk in Orders 10  
Arnold Henry E B Tring Clerk in Orders 5  
Arnold Edward ? Trinity College, Cambridge Gentleman 5  
Parrott George Tring Coach Builder 5  
Wilkins George Tring Weaver 1  
Pope Henry C Tring Bankers Ckerk 2  
Stevens Henry Tring Bootmaker 4  
Knight Edward C Tring Plumber 4  
Mitchell D E Oxford Street, Wellingboro Shoemaker 1  
Woods Walter 15 Liverpool Street, ?? Shoemaker 2  
Batchelor Joseph Lee, Tring Plait Buyer 2  
Lipscomb Richard R Tring Surgeon 5  
Elliott Daniel Cheddington Butcher 1  
Hillsdon John Tring Coach Builder 1  
Horn Christopher Tring Grocer 2  
Hedges? John Sprattor, Northampton Baptist Minister 6  
Walter Helen Tring Spinster 1  
Vaisey Arthur W Tring Solicitor 5  
Evans David Tring Silk Throwster 10  
Akers John Tring Silk Throwster 10  
Crauford Henry R G Tring Gentleman 5  
Sherriff Thomas Aylesbury Pastry Cook 5  
Andrews Deriah E Tring Widow 1  
Knight Emma Tring Spinster 1  
Kittle Thomas Tring Postman 1  
Johnson William Tring Butcher 1  
Perkins George Tring Coach Builder 1  
Chappell Charles Dunsley Farm, Tring Farmer 1  
Rodwell William Tring Postmaster 1  
Wright Jesse Tring Butcher 1  
Wright Albert Tring Butcher 1  
Clark James Tring Tailor 2  
Pearce Charles Tring Baptist Minister 2  
Maynor? Edwin Tring Shoemaker 1  
Amsden John Tring Coal Merchant 2  
Timmes Cyrus Tring Fishmonger 1  
White Joseph Tring Engineer 2  
Rolfe Frederick Tring Shoemaker 1  
Sears Frederick Tring Builder 2  
Sears Thomas Tring Builder 2  
Sears George Tring Builder 2  
Cook Albert Tring Shoemaker 1  
Cook Arthur Tring Shoemaker 1  
Cosier James Tring Taylor 1  
Gower William Tring Bootmaker 1  
Hawkins Albert Pitstone, Tring Farmer 4  
Howlett William Tring Shopkeeper 2  
Williams Joseph G Pendley, Tring Gentleman 10  
Hefer Elizabeth Tring Spinster 1  
Wright John Aston Clinton, Tring Butcher 2  
Goodchild Henry Waterworks, Tring Engineer 2  
Chambers Harriett M Tring Spinster 4  
Garner Joseph Aylesbury Confectioner 4  
Perkins William Marsworth, Tring Canal Inspector 2  
Haines Sarah Ann Tring Dressmaker 1  
Perkins Clare Ann Tring Dressmaker 1  
Fulks? Elizabeth Hemel Hempstead   2  
Gower John Tring Glass Dealer 2  
Putnam Emma Tring Spinster 1  
Stevens Julia E Tring Spinster 1  
Parrott William Coate, Farringdon   5  
Parrott Sarah Coate, Farringdon   5  
Hillsden George Tring Engineer 2  
Putnam John Tring Grocer 5  
Glover Thomas Tring Grocer 4  
Gower John Tring Coal Merchant 2  
Brittain Philip Tring Dealer 2  
Fincher Alfred Tring Coal Merchant 4  
Prouse Mary Tring Harness Maker 1  
Mallett Mary Ann Tring Harness Maker 1  
Butcher Francis J Tring Banker 5  
Griffin Charles Tring Grocer 1  
Holson? Henry Tring Schoolmaster 2  
Cosier James Tring Tailor 1  

Return of Final Winding up Meeting

1st March 1882


Background Information from Kelly's Directory

In 1882 George Adams is listed as running the Tring Coffee House, 22 High Street. Four years later George was a beer retailer in Akeman Street and William Edwards was running the Tring Coffee House, which is not listed in 1890.

There was undoubtedly competition from the British Workman Cocoa Rooms in Frogmore Street. They were open by 1878, managed by Alf Minall. In 1882 and 1886 they were managed by Thomas Bryant. while William Emery was manager in 1890.

See also Coffee Houses and Taverns in Hertfordshire

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