Some Criminal Records relating to Tring


Tring People in Bedford Goal

From the Bedfordshire Goal Register

Original Records held at BLARS (Bedfordshire & Luton Archives & Records Service)


  First Name Last Name Age Commital Year Residence(town/village) Birth Town Offence Sentence Document Ref
Edward Jones 26 1817 Tring   Bastardy   BLARS QGV10/1
Detail Samuel Jones 22 1838 Tring Highway Robbery 10 Years Transportation BLARS QGV10/2
Detail Henry Montague 19 1847 Billington Tring Larceny 1 Calendar Month Hard Labour BLARS QGV11/2
Detail William Smith 19 1850 Tring Tring On 4th September 1850 at Leighton Buzzard wandering abroad to beg 14 Days Hard Labour BLARS QGV10/3
John Gregory 54 1851 Tring High Wycombe On 4th July 1851 at Leighton Buzzard violently and feloniously assaulting Mary Ann Mansell and the said Mary Ann Mansell against her will feloniously ravaging   BLARS QGV10/3
Detail William Norris 31 1851 Tring On 15th May 1851 at Heath and Reach unlawfully assaulting and beating Thomas Morgan 6 Weeks inprisonment Gaol or pay 1 pound fine 1 pound 11 shillings costs BLARS QGV10/3

Gaol Record Detail For: Samuel Jones

  Record ID: 6185
  Commital Year: 1838
  Reference Doc: BLARS QGV10/2
  ID in Reference Doc: 325
  Age: 22
  Gender: Male
  Height: 5 feet 9 inches
  Hair Colour: Brown
  Eye Colour: Hazel
  Complexion: Brown
  Identifying Features: Scars on the upper lip
  Occupation: Tramp
  Education: Neither
  Birth Town: Tring
  Birth County: Hertfordshire
  Offence: Highway Robbery
  Committed By: Lord C.J.F.Russell
  When Committed: 01/12/1838
  Type of Gaol: Bedford County Gaol
  Sentence: 10 Years Transportation
  How Disposed: Put on board the Fortitude Chatham
  Discharge Date: 09/01/1839