Some early 19th Century Views.


Engraving by Neale & Cooke of Tring Church

Tring Hertfordshire

An enlargement of a small print by J. P. Neals and W. Cooke junior

The following pictures are in identical frames of some age and have not been removed from the frames for close examination.

Painting of Tring showing church and Tring Mansion

Tring From the North,

The field to the left is Pond Close, with what is now the market car park beyond - and the mansion peeking through the trees. The Field in front of the church is where the Victorian Rectory was built. The picture appears to be a water colour, possibly based on an old print.


Painting of Tring Church and Frogmore Street

Tring from the North West

The livestock, and probably the nearest buildings, are part of Parsonage Farm. Behind the are the houses of Frogmore Street, and the church can be seen with its Hertfordshire spike.


Print of Tring Church before Victorian restoration

A coloured old print showing the interior of Tring Church before the Victorian restoration


Quaker Meeting House, Tring

The Old Meeting House

This painting claims to be the old Quaker Meeting House, which was deleted many years ago.