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Charles Alfred Solomons

of Watford


Tell Me

Is this another picture of the 1907 pageant? and if so who played the part of Queen Boudica?


In 1912 a Charles Alfred Solomons was a picture framer at 167b High Street, Watford.

This post card is embossed with the name A Solomons, Watford and the back suggests a date circa 1905.

It cam from the same ebay site as one of the St Albans Pageant of 1907 so could this be Queen Boudica?

Timeline for Charles Arthur Solomons

Date   Source   Data
1873       Born at Bushey
1881   Census   Charlie Solomons (8, born Bushey) was the youngest of the large family of Abraham Solomons, cattle dealer.
1891   Census   Charles A Solomons  (19, born Bushey) was a carver & guilder living with his father Abraham Splomon (cattle dealer), mother and two siblings in High Street, Bushey
1901   Census   Charles Solomons (27, born Bushey) as an art dealer boarding at 219 High Street, Watford
1911   Census   Charles Alfred Solomons (39, born Bushey) was an art dealer, etc, living with wife and young daughter at 10 Westland Road, Watford.
1912   Directory    Charles Alfred Solomons was a picture framer at 167b High Street, Watford.
1917   Probate   Charles Alfred Solomons of The Nest, Rickmansworth Road and 167b High Street both in Watford died 12 November 1917 at St. Helens Coldharbour Lane, Bushey.
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