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"Hertfordshire Cards" by Cynicus, 1911-1916


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The pseudonym "Cynicus" was used by the artist and cartoonist Martin Anderson (1854-1932) and a book about him The Fortunes of Cynicus: Victorian Cartoonist and Postcard Designer has been published by Elspeth Reid & Flora Davidson. (Not yet seen).

The earliest were published by the Cynicus Publishing Co. Ltd, Tayport, Fife, before about 1911, and the Cynicus  Art Publishing Co was set up in Leeds in about 1913 but the company was wound up in 1916.

The relevance to Hertfordshire is that he published humorous cartoon post cards which would be printed with the names of various towns - some of which were in Hertfordshire.

The card "The Lovers' Walk," shown here associated with Wheathampstead, was published with many different place names all over the country.


Lovers Lane - Wheathampstead - Cynicus PC


Our Village - Waltham Cross - posted 1909


The following is one of the later cards, published at Leeds. I don't know if any of the later cards were published with the names of Hertfordshire Towns.

Army Billetting, Canterpury - PC by Cynicus

The result of Army billeting in Canterbury

He also produced a large number of pther comic cards in the early years of the 20th century.

Proceeding by rail

Signed "Cynicus"   18 July 1906



At Home  -  Abroad

Signed Cynicus  Writing Space II




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