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Frederick Dighton


Photographer at St Albans (1882-1887)



date   source   data
1850       Birth registered March at Kensington
1850/1   census 1891   Frederick Dighton born Middlesex
1851   census   Father was Artist (portrait painter)
1861   census   Frederick Dighton (11, born Knightsbridge) was the son of Richard Dighton(38, widower) dentist and photographic colourist. living in Leckhampton, Gloucestershire with family
1871   census   Richard Dighton was a photographer living in Cheltenham, with family, and Frederick was described as a photographer's son
1881   census     Richard (58, born Pimlico) was a photographer living in Cheltenham, and Frederick was listed as an artist.
1881   FreeBMD   Oct-Dec - Married Emma Garner, Bedford reg district
1881   census 1891   married Emma (37 born Bradford, Yorkshire)
1882-87   census 1891   Children Leopold (8), Percy (7), Sidney (6), Ernest (5), Valentine (4) born in St Albans
CDV by Dignton, St Albans, 1880s  
1882   Directory   Frederick Dighton, artist in oils & photographer, College Street, St Albans
1886   Directory   [not listed at St Albans]
1888-90   census 1891   Children Ella (20 and Evelina (1) born in Alverton, Warkickshire
1891   census   Photographic Artist (40) living at Alverton, Warwickshire, with family
1891   Baptisms   Children all baptised in Alverston in August (no note of ages) - he is described as an artist
1900   directory   Frederick Dighton, photographer, 14 Vincent Street Leamington (and other years to 1921)
1901   census   Photographer living in Vincent road, Leamington Prior, Warwickshire
1911   census   Photographer at Leamington, Warwickshire
1933   FreeBMD   Death registered Warwickshire (Jan-March aged 83)


Richard Leopold Dighton (1883-1908)

Percy John Dighton (1884-1891)

Sidney Victor Dighton (1886-)

Valentine Dighton (1887-1939)

Ella Constance Dighton (1888-1924)

Evelyn May Dighton (1892-

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